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A Little Bit Famous Personalized Dog Collar -10mm
A Little Bit Famous Personalized Dog Collar -10mm
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {x}
(9 reviews)

We didn't forget about the little guys! These collars are simply shimmery and are small enough for the little dogs! A high-class look for your pooch. Add the 10mm Crystal Bling letters and charms below for a very unique and personalized collar.

A Little Bit Famous Personalized Dog Collar -10mm

3/8" W
8: fits 4"-6" neck size
10: fits 6"-8" neck size
12: fits 8"-10" neck size
14: fits 10"-12" neck size
16: fits 12"-14" neck size
Add the 10mm letters and charms to this collar to personalize (sold separately below)
See Sizing Guide for this designer
Price: $5.95
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Posted by Paula Jones on 02/16/15
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : Pink
Breed of pet: Shitzu
How did it fit?: Perfect
Review comment
Excellant Quality. Just a really nice collar
Recommendation: Buy it!
Posted by linda bulluck on 11/24/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Review comment
Great customer service. Quality collar. Quick processing order and delivery
Recommendation: Buy it!
Pesonalizable Collar
Posted by I Love My Dogs! on 09/03/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : Medium
Breed of pet: Shih Tzu and Shih Tzu Mixed
How did it fit?: Perfect
Review comment
I ordered a similar collar for my Shih Tzu but it had the buckle on it so it broke easily. I love how the letters actually slide onto this collar as it appears to be more durable them the one I purchased before.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Litle Bit Famous
Posted by Karen Burdette on 06/18/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} { }
Product Options (Size-Color) : Hot pink
Breed of pet: Toy Poodle
How did it fit?: Perfect
Review comment
Very shiny and rich looking, the slide on letters fit perfect but scratched the finish a little on the edges, the material on the collar is very delicate but beautiful. Wish I had one in every color.
Recommendation: Buy it!
A Little Bit Famous Dog Co;;or -10mm
Posted by Cheri Lutke on 04/21/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : pink small
Breed of pet: Maltese
How did it fit?: great!
Review comment
These collars are just my favorite! I have 2 Maltese and have had puppies in the past. These collars are perfect and adorable with the letters with their names and the extra blings that you can purchase. BEST customer service also!
Recommendation: Buy it!
Shiney, Dressy Dog Collar
Posted by Sherry Blanton on 04/17/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : size 14 - Pink
Breed of pet: Pomeranian
How did it fit?: Perfectly
Review comment
For a Shiney, Dressy little collar they can take more punishment than you would think! After all, no matter how we dress them up, they are still dogs. They will scratch, roll, and do whatever they want no matter What you put on them and my little miss is a real tom boy. She slipped her collar a couple weeks ago and it got ran over by my husbands dually truck. It took the punishment and kept right on shining!
Recommendation: Buy it!
Beautiful Pink Metallic Collar
Posted by Susi Marsan on 01/06/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : Pink Metallic
Breed of pet: Maltese
How did it fit?: Too small
Review comment
This product is absolutely perfect and fits the charms I purchased exactly like I wanted, however, I bought a collar one size too small for my puppy. I have since then sent it back with their paid self-addressed label and am awaiting the exchange of the proper size. They certainly make the exchange super easy. I anticipate the collar will be as perfect as the other one I purchased. Word of advice...actually measure your dog's neck and add a little bit to make sure it will fit rather than just guess.
Recommendation: Buy it!
A little bit famous dog collar
Posted by Mary Hediger on 11/14/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} { }
Product Options (Size-Color) : Pink - smallest size
Breed of pet: Chihuahua puppy
How did it fit?: Still waiting for puppy to get a little bigger! (4 weeks now)
Review comment
Too Cute!!!! Love the look of this collar! Bought it for a friend who is taking one of my puppies. The only down fall to this collar is that on the end is a little metal thing. When trying to put on the 10mm letters for a name the metal things came off in the letter. Had to get a butter knife to get in out. The metal end never did go back on. AND it was pretty difficult to get the letters on. But I will say that once you get them on they don't slide around, they stay put.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Metallic collar
Posted by Pamela Dudley on 09/02/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : tea cup
Breed of pet: tea cup yorkie
How did it fit?: great
Review comment
Loved, loved this collar. Great buy, fit and ever so please. My little gal looks divine in it.
Recommendation: Buy it!

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A Little Bit Famous Personalized Dog Collar -10mm
A Little Bit Famous Personalized Dog Collar -10mm

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