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Designer: Susan Lanci Designs |
Big Bow Collars - 7 colors
Big Bow Collars - 7 colors
Big Bow Collars - 7 colors Big Bow Collars - 7 colors Big Bow Collars - 7 colors Big Bow Collars - 7 colors Big Bow Collars - 7 colors Big Bow Collars - 7 colors
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This series of wider Big Bow collars gives more color, more protection for the neck and more room for bigger embellishments - especially XL Swarovski crystals. It also includes a larger neck size than the 1/2" collars - up to a 16" neck. Comfortable for the dog, easy for you to maintain and constructed from a commercial grade material, this collar is a good value that will last a long time. Like all of Susan Lanci's designs, it is made from genuine commercial upholstery grade Ultrasuede® fabric that is imported from Japan. This soft, comfortable fabric is breathable, washable and colorfast. Lastly, this collar is manufactured in the USA.

Big Bow Collars - 7 colors

By: Susan Lanci Designs—See all Susan Lanci Designs's products.
Tiffi Blue(shown)
Perfect Pink
Puppy Pink
XS - 5/8" width x 8"- 10" length
S - 5/8" width x 10- 12" length
M - 5/8" width x 12"- 14" length
L - 5/8" width x 14"- 16" length
XL - 3/4" width x 16"- 18" length
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Prices from $62.00 to $72.00
Price: $62.00
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Big Bow-Big Smiles
Posted by on 06/25/13
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Product Options (Size-Color) : XL - 3/4" width x 16"- 18" length Puppy Pink
Breed of pet: Shar-pei mix
How did it fit?: A little bit too big
Review comment
This is the most perfect collar if anyone ever decides to give a dog as a gift. When I placed this stunning accessory on my adorable shar pei (Maria) I was reminded every time I looked at her that she truly is a gift..wrapped up in the most delicious and luxurious looking collar! The collar is very simple, a bit overpriced for the lack of detail. It is a thick pink suede band with the most darling suede bow. The bow is tightly sewn into the middle of the collar. A big, thick, chunky Swarovski Square pendant is embedded into the middle of the bow. If the collar fit is proper, the bow should stay at the top of the dog's neck, so that the bow is nicely displayed. This is my second suede collar I've purchased from this designer and I have to admit while it "looks" gorgeous-it lacks in functionality. The suede stretches, so the fit is never accurate and my dog is 37 pounds and while I love showing off her accessories, it is not an effective collar to connect to a leash because it doesn't feel strong enough to secure my dog's lead. This is probably better suited for a small dog who is not very active and gets carried around rather than walked. I'm hoping this particular designer infuses her creativity into beautiful, functional collars for bigger breeds..I want them to look fancy too!
Recommendation: Buy it but see my review

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Big Bow Collars - 7 colors
Big Bow Collars - 7 colors

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