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Doggie Photo Album

Doggie Photo Album

Please share a photo of your baby!

We'll post them and your comments here. Please send your digital photo to: MyDogPhoto. Be sure to tell us your dog's name, age and background. We'd love to know how you found your pooch. Do you have a favorite story about your dog? Share it with us, we'd love to hear it. To read the comments below, just move your cursor over the photo.


"...I wanted to send you a couple of photos of my bulldog, Venus, in her Turquoise Pebble collar (as I promised to send back in December…sorry so late). The perfect photo opportunity came on Venus’ 9th birthday when we took a celebration weekend trip to the beach. I had tried taking photos before but none really were that nice. But I think the attached photos turned our wonderfully. We get many compliments on the collar (and leash) and it is the most beautiful collar I have ever seen. I’m so glad we found it!..."
Have a great day!
"...I use those horrid nylon collars while my pup is growing due to cost, but when they reach their full size (usually around two years old, when you can guesstimate their full adult size) I switch to a quality leather collar...."
"...I use a chain choker collar in addition to the leather collar just in case the leather collar fails and I am restraining him from leaping out of the truck into traffic on that once in his lifetime occasion.  Besides, Cody knows he is "on duty" for service dog work when that chain collar is on..."
"...Again, thanks for everything Brian and for your up-front and honest business practices.  If you need me to write a letter to your employer let me know, I probably write more attay-boy letters than complaint letters.  You are the type of employee I would want, unless you are the owner of DCB.  Then everything makes sense..."

Take care,
Fred D
"...Here's a picture of my boy Barnaby. He's 13 months and still growing! His new red and purple leash is super and extra strong to keep even this SUV puppy under control! Can't wait to get his sparkly bone and his Swarvosky Crystal Collar - he'll look real sweet!"
Joan B.
"...Zoee loves her new Dosha Dog collar and leash! She is very excited. Here she is with Kylee, showing off her new Fresh Water Pearl collar and leash!"
"Shadow is a female German Shepherd. She is always ready for fun! she loves to play with other dogs at our lake house on the weekends! In this shot she is wearing her Royal Blue Iron Cross Collar"
Jean & Kevin
“Liberty Hill Ladies Who Lunch DiamondDogs (UK) was well represented at the 2nd Annual Dogtoberfest, held October 24, 2009 at The Domain Urban Center in Austin, Texas. The event was held to benefit Austin Area Dog Rescue Groups. “The Sisters” Girlie, a Mix Breed, 10 years old, AKA (Mother Superior), Eidolon, 1 years old, a Doberman Pincher, AKA (Sister Friend), Kyra, 5 years old, a Welsh Terrier, AKA (Sister Naughty), and Gabby, 4 years old, a Welsh Terrier, AKA (Sister Special) were escorted by Nancy Leon, US sales rep for Diamond Dogs (UK) and Ranch Hand, Alex Urquidi to this gala event. Designer Naomi Reilly who recycles garments and creates playful pet couture and themes for parties and events fashionably accessorized the ladies .
“The Sisters” were outfitted to the theme: Liberty Hill Ladies Who Lunch. “ The Sisters” who live on a 10-acre Ranch in Liberty Hill with 4 stunning horses, don’t get to town much. Girlie, (Mother Superior) had quite the job keeping the other 3 ladies citified. Her opinion: Welsh Terriers are naughty role models for a Doberman Pincher. On this day these country girls with assistance from Girlie stayed well behaved exhibiting their citified side. Their motto: Always laugh. Always Smile. Always Have Fun. And Always be noticed.
Shownon, the Doberman Pincher is the Diamond Dog (UK) straight cut random crystal color collar on black leather. Held by Alex the ranch hand are Diamond Dogs (UK) Leads straight cut random and multi crystal designs. Tommie Ortega of Austin, Texas, snapped the photograph."
Jean & Kevin