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Designer: Auburn Leathercrafters |
Leather Bone Dog Toy
Leather Bone Dog Toy
The Auburn leather bone dog toy is stitched with a natural cotton thread. Auburn Leather never uses glue, staples, squeakers, or rivets that could be harmful to a pet. These toys are ideal for interactive play and training purposes. They are 100% all natural and a safe but fun toy for your sweet pup!

Leather Bone Dog Toy

By: Auburn Leathercrafters—See all Auburn Leathercrafters's products.
2 1/2" x 6 1/2"
Price: $12.00
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Leather bone
Posted by on 05/22/16
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Product Options (Size-Color) : n/a
Breed of pet: Dalmatians
How did it fit?: n/a
Review comment
I bought this as a chew toy, based on the other reviews. My dogs are great chewers. The tag on the toy says it's not a chew toy, but a toy to be thrown and retrieved. I took the toy away, but my oldest Dal found it and before I knew it, half the bone was gone. I worried about the string getting caught in his intestines and spent three sleepless nights waiting for the leather to pass. Luckily, nothing happened, but I threw the bones away. It's a shame... they really liked chewing on the leather. I felt it was an expensive lesson, since I bought two for my dogs. If you use the bone for a toy and not a chew-toy, I think it would be a good toy for them.
Recommendation: Keep looking
Posted by on 04/11/16
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Product Options (Size-Color) : Size is good for my 60# dog
Review comment
My dog really enjoys these. It has become a favorite toy.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Posted by on 04/30/14
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Product Options (Size-Color) : large
Breed of pet: Boxer
Review comment
He loved it! However, Boxers are power chewers. I knew better but I had to buy it.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Posted by on 08/14/13
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Product Options (Size-Color) : Leather Dog Bone
Breed of pet: Boggle (Boxer/Beagle)
How did it fit?: N/A
Review comment
I have a difficult time finding Ellie toys that will last. This bone has lasted over 2 weeks now and she has only eaten half of it. For this dog, this is very good! I would rather buy leather bones than furniture!
Recommendation: Buy it!

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Leather Bone Dog Toy
Leather Bone Dog Toy

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