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Martingale Rolled Dog Collar - 3 colors
Martingale Rolled Dog Collar - 3 colors
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(11 reviews)

Bridle leather is a wonderful leather used in the equestrian trade. It is used for the Rolled Martingale Collar for its strength, durability, and beauty. These collars are popular with owners of Mastiffs, Great Danes, St. Bernards, Rottweilers and similar large breeds!

The smooth action of Auburn's Rolled Leather Martingale Collars is the result of the finest plating technique available. They are built with genuine German Sprenger Martingale chain. Sprenger is world-renowned for their high quality chains. Sprenger chain is widely regarded as the best in the hunting, training, and security services trades because of its strength and reliability.

ROLLED LEATHER MARTINGALE COLLARS are appropriate for training, but are equally useful as an easy on / easy off collars for everyday use. Just like the standard Rolled Leather Collars, the Rolled Leather Martingale Collars are designed for dogs with long fur because the smooth, rolled design will not mat the fur. These collars are just as comfortable - and beautiful - on a dog with short fur as well.

This collar is a perfect match for the Round - Rolled leash shown below.

Martingale Rolled Dog Collar - 3 colors

By: Auburn Leathercrafters—See all Auburn Leathercrafters's products.
Burgundy (shown)
5/8" W x 10", 12"
3/4" W x 14", 16"
1" W x 18" - 32"
See Sizing Guide for this designer
Price: $32.00
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great collar
Posted by Linda Shores on 07/01/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : black
Breed of pet: St Bernard
How did it fit?: perfect
Review comment
This collar is so nice, no more matted fur. My St Bernard responds well when we are out walking, no more choker chain collar either!
Recommendation: Buy it!
Posted by Jenna Gardner on 04/14/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : 16"-3/4"
Breed of pet: Keeshond
How did it fit?: Two sides of leather just about touch.
Review comment
When we measured we came up with 13 & a bit so add 2" put us at just over 15" so we went up to the 16" for her. Initially it looked like the chain w/ tags might drag while she was running, but this is not the case and she is able to run just fine without noticing it. I love that the rolled leather is better for her long fur and that we are still able to use the advantages of the martingale style for training purposes. Definitely a great choice for long-haired breeds when you're wanting a martingale style collar. I am most definitely satisfied with this purchase.
Recommendation: Buy it but see my review
Posted by Dee/Brad on 02/12/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Breed of pet: Border Collie mix
How did it fit?: Perfectly!
Review comment
WE love this collar. it is beautifully made and fit perfectly. Took a chance with the size as there is no adjustment, but it is exactly right. She wears it all the time and had no adjustment period. We are using a head collar to walk her and there is no interference with both on the pup. The leather looks like saddle leather and hopefully it will live as long as the dog!!!
Recommendation: Buy it!
Posted by maria morales on 01/21/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Recommendation: Buy it!
martingale rolled dog collar
Posted by GILLI FEDER on 10/15/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} { }
Product Options (Size-Color) : 10" black
Breed of pet: Shi tzu / Poodle
Review comment
The collar it beautifully made, But I ran into one problem. My dog has a very skinny neck. The 10" fits perfectly around his neck, but I had to figure out a way to get it over his had. If the chain would have been even 1/2" longer or there was a buckle like on the larger dogs ones it would have solved the problem. I hope my review will be read by the raps and they will take it to heart and come up with a solution. I will be happy to discuss the problem with them.
Recommendation: Buy it but see my review
this is awesome
Posted by DH on 09/24/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : 18-22 inch
Breed of pet: Rough Collie
How did it fit?: perfect fit
Review comment
this is much lighter and less cumbersome - the choke portion works much better than a regular coke chain, the rolled leather keeps my collie mat-free and I don't have to worry about choking him as with the rolled leather the collar can only tighten so much - enough to remind the dog to pay attention but not enough to actually choke him like a regular choke or training collar
Recommendation: Buy it!
Posted by Alida Margolin on 09/10/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : 14" black, 14" tan
Breed of pet: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
How did it fit?: just right
Review comment
The leather, workmanship, and the chain are high quality. And the customer service is the best!
Recommendation: Buy it!
Matingale rolled collar
Posted by jim Richman on 08/06/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : 22"
Breed of pet: Briard
How did it fit?: perfectly
Review comment
The Matingale Rolled collar we recently purchased was one of the best training tools we bought in a long time. Briards have a mind of there own and this has turned out to be better than expected. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase this fine tool. Thanks, Jim R, Cape Cod, MA
Recommendation: Buy it!
Old-world chaftsmanship
Posted by Marc Kaye on 07/20/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Breed of pet: Golden Retriever
How did it fit?: Perfect fit
Review comment
Old-world, pride in craftsmanship is alive and well in this Auburn Leathercrafters Martingale Rolled Dog Collar. I have owned dogs for 30 years and this is by far the highest quality, beautifully made collar I have ever owned.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Martingale Rolled Dog Collar - 3 colors
Posted by Andrew Kozusko on 06/27/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : Burgundy - Various sizes
Breed of pet: 15" Beagle; Basset Hound
How did it fit?: Perfect
Review comment
I use these collars on my champion 15" beagle and my basset hound (who recently needed a larger size). These are simply the best collars available. Beautiful leather that ages nicely and a configuration that provides excellent control of your dog.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Excellent Collar
Posted by Patrick Laufau on 05/29/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : Black 1in x 22in
Breed of pet: Cane Corso mix (125lbs)
How did it fit?: Perfectly - head measures 20 to 21in
Review comment
This is easy to use (on and off), very secure and very clean looking. Allows for easy rotation round neck and does NOT rub or pull fur. Over last 9 months, tried 3 different types of collars, none worked well with this big dog. Will purchase another for new Pit mix (77lbs) and recommend to all my friends, regardless of dog size.
Recommendation: Buy it!

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Martingale Rolled Dog Collar - 3 colors
Martingale Rolled Dog Collar - 3 colors

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