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Round - Rolled Leather Dog Leash - 8 colors
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Round - Rolled Leather Dog Leash - 8 colors
Round - Rolled Leather Dog Leash - 8 colors
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(7 reviews)

Style. Elegance. Comfort. The Rolled Leather Leash has it all. Auburn Leathercrafters' Rolled Leather Leash is a wonderful match to the Round - Rolled Leather Collars and Martingale Rolled Collars but looks great with may other varieties, as well. The flat handle is smooth and comfortable and becomes more supple with age. Like the Round-Rolled Collars, the edges are beveled and hand polished before applying edge finish resulting in an extraordinarily comfortable feel. Constructed using fine quality top grain leather, assembled with a solid nickel-plated swivel bolt snap and smooth capped rivets.

Round - Rolled Leather Dog Leash - 8 colors

By: Auburn Leathercrafters—See all Auburn Leathercrafters's products.
Baby Blue, Pink, Royal Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, Tan, Burgundy
3/4' wide x 4 feet long
Price: $74.00
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Not for puppies!
Posted by NYC Jeff on 03/30/15
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Product Options (Size-Color) : Black
Breed of pet: Lab/pointer mix
Review comment
I purchased two of these leashes for my eight-month old puppies. The leather is beautiful .,,, but. On the maiden walk with the new leashes, my dogs and I journeyed a grand total of two blocks from my apartment building two blocks to my garage to leave town for the weekend. One hour into the drive and one of my pups stood up in the back seat. I could see she had already chewed through the leash. A couple of inches of leather hung from her collar. The rest of the leash was sitting on the floor. These things happen with puppies. But $74 for a two-block dog walk qualifies an an "ouch." This leash is lovely but no match for a puppy.
Recommendation: Keep looking
Functional yet Beautiful leash
Posted by Judy on 02/19/15
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Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : Tan
Breed of pet: Briard
How did it fit?: Perfect
Review comment
If you are questioning this purchase, Don't!! This leash is of high quality leather. I purchased this along with the matching Martingale collar. Was a little concerned the leash may be to short for my Briard but it's perfect. Thank you for a great product!
Recommendation: Buy it!
Great leash
Posted by Suzette Chick on 08/12/14
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Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : Tan
Breed of pet: Tibetan Terrer
How did it fit?: Perfect
Review comment
I wasn't sure if a 4' leash would be long enough but it's plenty long. I moved to the city and didn't want my dog wandering too far from me. It's a beautifully constructed leash and high quality.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Classic Style
Posted by Lexa Rosean on 11/27/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : Burgundy
Breed of pet: dog
How did it fit?: great
Review comment
Good leather. Soft in hand and sturdy for walking dog. I look forward to wearing this in as I'm sure will last for years. A great match to her martingale collar from same company. I like their products. Service and delivery from Dog Collar Boutique were great. Thanks.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Great Colors
Posted by Pam Petty on 09/13/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : 1 by 26' Yellow
Breed of pet: Rottweiller
How did it fit?: Perfect
Review comment
I have two Rottweiler females that are therapy dogs. Their clients get them mixed up. They are always asking if this is Anna or Bree. They now have collars and leashes that match their therapy vest. Anna is pink and Bree is yellow. The clients know them the minute they walk through the door. The rolled leather really works well on the collar and leashes. The colors are beautiful. I also put matching flowers on their collars so they know they are girls.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Perfect Short Leash
Posted by Peter Derkx on 09/07/13
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Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : 3/4 inch wide, 4 feet long
Breed of pet: Cairn Terrier
Review comment
This is a really beautiful leash showing great craftsmanship. It fits perfectly with my rolled leather dog collars of the same make: Auburn Leathercrafters. I selected the relatively short 4 feet long leash for in busses and trains and for in my dog training sessions and I am very satisfied with it. I have the leash not very long yet and it is still rather stiff, but I am confident it will become more supple soon.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Old-world chaftsmanship
Posted by Marc Kaye on 07/20/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Breed of pet: Golden Retriever
How did it fit?: Perfect fit
Review comment
Old-world, pride in craftsmanship is alive and well in this Auburn Leathercrafters' Rolled Leather Leash. I have owned dogs for 30 years and this is by far the highest quality, beautifully made leash I have ever owned
Recommendation: Buy it!

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Round - Rolled Leather Dog Leash - 8 colors
Round - Rolled Leather Dog Leash - 8 colors

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