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Sleepypod Air - 5 colors
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Sleepypod Air - 5 colors
Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors Sleepypod Air - 5 colors
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(3 reviews)

Sleepypod Air is a revolutionary carrier that redefines in-cabin pet travel. Air adapts to the various under-seat storage requirements set by different airlines while providing maximum comfort for your jet set pet.

  • Includes padded shoulder strap, machine washable Ultra Plush bedding and an instruction card
  • Top and ends open for easy access to the pet, large zipper pockets on both sides
  • Meets most major ailine carry-on pet regulations
  • Automobile seat belt system utilizes lap and shoulder belts
  • Wheeled luggage carrier pocket to secure to other luggage
  • Large side pockets for travel documents, magazines, and treats
  • Removable and washable ultra plush bedding
  • Luggage grade nylon outside and Ultra Plush polyester inside
  • 1-year warranty to be free of manufacturing defects

Worrying about buying a carrier that will not fit under a plane seat is a thing of the past. The patent pending folding system allows pets to travel in the largest space possible while the airplane is in the air, yet still allows for stowage under an airline seat during takeoff and landing. When the captain says you can recline your seat, rotate the Sleepypod Air so it is between your feet and expand the ends so both you and your little friend can stretch out comfortably for the duration of the flight. In-cabin pet travel has never been so comfortable.

Straps on both sides allow you to secure the Sleepypod Air in your car. A pass through pocket allows you to secure the Sleepypod Air to the telescoping handle on carry-on luggage.

Pet Product Showcase - Sleepypod - Air

Sleepypod Air - 5 colors

Mobile pet bed, in-cabin airplaine carrier and car seat

-Jet Black, Dark Chocolate, Orange Dream, Strawberry Red, Glacier Silver
-Max Dog Weight: 15 lb, Max Cat Weight: 17.5 lb
-Compresses from 22" long, 10.5" wide, 10.5" high down to 16" long, 10" wide, 8" high
-Pictoral Instructions (PDF)
***Please note:This item does not qualify for free international shipping due to size.
Price: $147.99
FREE Shipping on orders over $30.
FREE Returns & Exchanges for 60 days.
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Perfect for Traveling :)
Posted by Janyce on 08/30/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : 1 Red & 1 Eggshell Blue
Breed of pet: Pomeranian
How did it fit?: Excellent Product
Review comment
I have 2 Pomeranians that I brought home( separately), as rescues, on an airplane. One is 6 lbs and one is 9 lbs. They both LOVE this carrier ! They jumped right in and made themselves comfortable... if I bring the SleepyPod out they get all excited and, even if I have it halfway zipped, they snuggle right in and they're happy. I looked at dozens of carriers and this is the perfect size for airplanes and Dog Collars Boutique has THE best price for this product anywhere ! Watch the video, it's a great product. For some reason dogs love how it's shaped & feels so when they have to get out, at TSA , they just want to jump right back in it. Also, the way the straps are positioned makes it very comfortable to carry & the pups don't get jostled around when you have to walk for a long distance. I wish more things were made as well as this carrier. Buy it, you'll see.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Solid bag
Posted by Angela Scott on 07/08/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} { }
Product Options (Size-Color) : Black
Breed of pet: Havanese
How did it fit?: Good
Review comment
My dog travelled in the car for 3 hours and was very comfortable. He is 14lbs, and I was concerned he would not fit comfortably in the bag, however, he stayed inside the bag even when I unzipped it enough for him to get out after our arrival. If you are going to purchase this item, I highly recommend purchasing it from this site as it is far cheaper than any other source I found including Amazon! Fast shipping, and the bag came as advertised.
Recommendation: Buy it!
So far, so good
Posted by Kimberly Cooper on 12/05/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
Rating {X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : Black
Breed of pet: Small dog - chiweenie
How did it fit?: good
Review comment
Reviewing the Sleepypod Air feels a little premature since I haven't had a chance to fully utilize it yet. However it does appear to be very good quality and exactly as advertised. The design is nice and it looks like it will be comfortable for my sweet girl, Luna.
Recommendation: Buy it!

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Sleepypod Air - 5 colors
Sleepypod Air - 5 colors

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