How You Can Pick The Perfect Pet For Your Family

Your kids have been talking about getting a pet for what seems like an eternity. Now, it appears that it’s the right time. That means you can pack everyone up in the car and go buy a pet, right? Not so fast. Getting a new dog, cat, or other pet is a very important decision, and it should not be made lightly.

In fact, you need to do some research first to make sure you pick the perfect pet for your family. That starts with an open discussion about what your family wants from a pet.


Image Source: Pixabay

Different Pets For Different Families

Before you bring everyone to a pet store or adoption shelter, you need to have a family talk. Everyone probably has different ideas and expectations, so you need to discuss these before picking out a pet. lists some good questions, such as:
● Will you be able to live with pet hair and furniture wear-and-tear?
● Who will be responsible for taking care of the pet?
● How much space can the new pet enjoy within your home?
● Do you travel a lot or need a dog walker due to a busy schedule?

Once you have some answers, you can better pick the right pet for your family. For example, dogs are great — but they need plenty of training, walks, and exercise. Fish are great “starter” pets, but they don’t do a whole lot. And while cats are somewhere in between, many people are allergic to them. Talk to a professional at the adoption shelter for more information.

Preparing Your Home

After a good talk and some research, you’re picked out the exact pet for your family. But it’s not time to get your new friend just yet. You have to worry about pet-proofing your home.

Even fully domesticated animals like dogs are still that — animals. That’s why you need to take a few precautions at home to make sure they stay safe and happy. recommends thinking of a pet like a toddler. That means:
● Putting up baby gates if there’s a part of your home the pet should not enter.
● Make sure nothing fragile is sitting on tables or stands that can easily be knocked over.
● Hiding anything that would be dangerous to chew on.

Besides just making the environment safe, you want to make your home comfortable for your new pet. That’s crucial in the first days. Decide where to place food bowls and litter boxes or toys, but make sure they are places your new pet can easily find.

Bonding With Your New Pet

You’ve pet-proofed your home, and now you have a cute little pet running around. Your pet is probably a bit scared and unsure since they’re living in a strange environment surrounded by humans. You can help by building a bond with your pet. explains that you should start by letting your new pet explore your home. Show them a lot of love and attention, but also give them time to explore on their own. This helps them settle in better.

If you have a pet dog, you’ll also need to take it on walks. This can be great exercise for both of you, but you can always hire a dog walker if you’re too busy some days. There are many great dog walking services available online.

A Pet Can Make Your Life Better

There are so many wonderful benefits from having a pet. In fact, studies have shown that people with pets tend to live longer. But before you rush out to get one, talk to your family about what kind of animal would fit best. Then make a few changes to your home before you bring the pet in and start bonding with it. This way, you can make sure your family and your pet get along for years to come.

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Our Favorite 3 Dog Collars designed by Auburn Leathercrafters

Auburn Leathercrafters

At Auburn Leathercrafters, they are dedicated to supplying retail pet shops such as Dog Collar Boutique with the highest quality leather pet products that are sure to last for years. You will appreciate the quality craftsmanship of their handcrafted products, using the finest full grain leathers and materials. All their products are proudly made in the USA. Their theory is to believe their customers must be given the best possible service and the best quality products. Most importantly to them, is their business ethics and conduct must be beyond reproach and consistent with their faith.

With that in mind they have created an outstanding pet collar company that has extended to some very luxurious and functional products that meet fashion and functional needs of all sizes of the canine species.

Some of their best selling products that exceed industry standards are:


Round Rolled Leather Dog Collar

The Rolled or commonly described as Round Leather Dog Collar is a classic and very comfortable collar for your pet! Round Leather Collars range in sizes for Toy Breeds through Large Breeds. Toy Breed and Small and Medium Dog sizes (1/2, 5/8, and 1 inch sizes) are constructed with a buckle-end style while Large Dog sizes (1-1/4 inch sizes) are made in the extended d-end pattern for extra strength. All of their round leather dog collars have beveled and hand polished edges for comfort.

Their Rolled Dog Collar is available in Tan, Red, Black, Burgundy, Pink, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Orange!

Assembly is completed with a bright nickel-plated buckle with dee ring and smooth capped rivets making this a collar that wears well year after year after year. The leather dog collars are a favorite of Dachshund owners because of their smooth interior edges, but any dog with long fur, say a Border Collie or Spaniel, or with a short, smooth coat, a Greyhound or Rottweiler, for example will also benefit from a Round Leather Collar.

A favorite dog collar with groomers because they don’t mat the fur or cause “winging” around the collar.


Tuscany Italian Leather Dog Collar

From the first day you use this fine Italian leather collar, it will be soft yet durable. It is made with Acqua, leather originally developed for the marine industry, these collars are resistant to stains, spills, mildew and bacteria.

The exterior of the Tuscany Collar is beautiful Italian leather. The interior is soft, flexible and durable domestic leather assuring that this collar will remain beautiful for years of use.
Available in sizes from 8″ through 26″ in a wide array of colors. It is assembled with bright nickel hardware and beautiful fine edge stitching for a stylish look. As with all of Auburn Leather’s beautiful collars they make a matching Tuscany Italian Leather Leash that is soft and supple in your hand.

As if this is not enough! They have further extended this line to include optional Swarovski Crystals and deemed it the Tuscany Collar – Crystallized.

Colors include: Light Blue, Yellow, Brown, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Red, Black, and White

Sparky’s Choice Adjustable Collars

Sparky's Choice Water Proof Dog Collar with Quick Release Buckle

That’s right! Although Auburn Leathercrafters is primarily a leather company, they came up with this amazing outdoor dog collar that is odor proof, waterproof, cleans with a little soap and water, and has lots of colors to choose from. This is a great dog collar for active dogs, especially those who love water.

These are made of durable vinyl coated webbing that is a wonderful improvement over standard nylon. They are available in sizes to fit medium to large dog breeds in the range of retrievers to boxers to basset hounds, for example. They stays flexible even in sub-zero temperatures and are of a colorful, strong, waterproof and odor-proof vinyl like material that makes this dog collar easy to clean. And, unlike standard nylon, the edges will not fray!

These collars easily adjust to the correct size by repositioning the 2-part post/screw set. Fitted with a highly polished, extraordinarily strong, aluminum alloy side release buckle, solid welded steel dee ring and smooth capped rivets.

You can even personalize the collar by having the dog’s name and/or owner’s phone number engraved in the buckle by your local engraving shop.

Dog Collar Boutique also loves to see when a company has a guarantee and stands behind the products and services it offers to its customers. At Auburn Leathercrafters, They guarantee their products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. This company has proven that they are a leader in the industry and we look forward to continuing our over a decade relationship with this great manufacturer of high quality leather and now nylon designer dog collars.

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Labrador Retriever may have some competition! – Top Breeds 2016

As we know the Labrador Retriever has far been the most popular breed for American families for over 25 years. Making it the longest reigning breed of any kind. However, the French Bulldog is poised to take over. The playful breed has won the hearts of dog lovers everywhere jumping up the charts year over year. Nearly 32 spots in the last 10 years alone and shows no sign of slowing.

French bulldogs are certainly in the lime light. And why not?

These little balls of fur and sass are usually polite with everyone, including other pets. A Frenchie can go from champion couch potatoe and cuddles to tearing around the house, destroying everything in sight, in a split second. Lucky for you they slow down just as quickly as the speed up!

The French Bulldog is stubborn and can be a lot of work to train, but also has a surprisingly sensitive side that remembers who and what they were taught. They are food motivated and do not need much exercise.

The French bulldog is a great companion dog through and through. They command all of your attention, all of the time. They don’t bark much but they snort, snuffle, and have flatulence that goes with the territory of short-faced breeds.

The Frenchie is on the uprise and will likely give the Labrador retriever a run for their money in the very near years to come!

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Check Out our Brand New “New Arrivals”

butterflies leash

“Butterflies” Leash for Yellow Dog Designs

We’ve updated our website with some new styles and collections from exciting designers here in the USA and from around the world. As you browse our site, look for the red “New Tag” that identifies these items. Here’s a breakdown of some of our newest styles, but you can view all our new arrivals here: Dog Collars Boutique New Arrivals.

Anchors on Stripes Collars and More

Anchors up. Just in time for summer, these delightful products feature decorative anchors on blue and white stripes. You’ll love the convenience of these products. Not only are they machine washable, they’re also made with durable plastic buckles, plastic slip locks, and metal D-rings. To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

Crystalized Tuscany Italian Leather Dog Collar

Tuscany Italian Leather Dog Collars

Pictured: Tuscany Italian Leather Dog Collar – Crystallized

Our original Tuscany Dog Collars were so popular, they’ve been dressed up with all-new colors and embellished with crystals. Featuring contrast stitching and bright nickel hardware, these collars are well-made and perfect for your pampered pup. To view all Auburn Leathercrafter’s products, click here.

Tweed Collars and More

Pictured: Tweed Step-In Harness

Pictured: Tweed Step-In Harness

Our collection of Tweed dog collars, harnesses, leads and more are made in the USA from 100 percent vibrant color-fast polyester. They feature durable plastic slip locks, metal O-Rings and metal D-Rings. They’re also machine washable. To view all Yellow Dog Designs, click here.

Aztec Designs Collars and More

Step-in to another time with these uniquely designed products from Yellow Dog. The Aztec design comes in two styles, blue and white or brown and orange. Both are visually striking, and feature all the elements that make Yellow Dog products so great, such as plastic buckles and slip locks.  To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

Bacon and Eggs Collars and More

Pictured: Bacon and Eggs Leash

Pictured: Bacon and Eggs Leash

Another Yellow Dog Design, Bacon and Eggs are a funky new offering featuring everyone’s favorite breakfast staples. Made of 100 percent vibrant color-fast polyester, these items are washable. To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

Butterflies Collars and More

Let these unique designs flitter into your heart. Yellow Dog Design “Butterflies” standard easy-clip designer collars are made in the U.S.A. of 100% vibrant color-fast polyester with durable plastic buckles, plastic slip locks, and a metal D-ring. Best of all they are washable! To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

Dragon Collars and More

Pictured: Dragon Coupler

Pictured: Dragon Coupler

Does your dog embody the mythical awesomeness of a dragon? This style is made for him. Made of 100% dye-sublimated durable polyester, colorfast and machine washable. The designs are printed with a special heat transfer process onto a heavy braid. Made in the USA. To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

Indian Spirit Collars and More

Available in three different collar options, the Indian Spirit line is perfect for your stylish pet. Made of 100% dye-sublimated durable polyester, colorfast and machine washable, the designs are printed with a special heat transfer process onto a heavy braid. Made in the USA. To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

Neon Leopard Collars and More

Featuring vibrant colors and fun designs, these products are made of 100% dye-sublimated durable polyester, colorfast and are machine washable. The designs are printed with a special heat transfer process onto a heavy braid. Made in the USA. To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

Paisley Skulls Collars and More

Is your dog bad to the bone, but also has a sweet side? If so, the Paisley Skulls line is perfect for him. Step-In Harnesses are made to allow your pet to do just that…step in to the harness. Best of all, all Yellow Dog Products are made in the U.S.A. of 100% vibrant color-fast polyester with durable plastic slip locks, metal O-Rings and metal D-Rings, it is also washable. Couplers, collars, and more are available. To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

Pink Cow Leashes and More

Pictured: Pink Cow Designer Dog Leash

Pictured: Pink Cow Designer Dog Leash

Moove over other leashes and harness, you’re pudgy pup is stepping into a cow pattern. Yellow Dog Design “Pink Cow” designer leads and harnesses are made in the U.S.A. of 100% vibrant color-fast polyester and come equipped with a metal lead hook. Best of all they are washable. To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

Skateboard Life Collars and More

Pictured: Skateboard Life Dog Collar

Pictured: Skateboard Life Dog Collar

Are you and your dog living the skateboard life? If so, you’re going to love this unique new collar. Yellow Dog Design “Skateboard Life” standard easy-clip designer collars are made in the U.S.A. of 100% vibrant color-fast polyester with durable plastic buckles, plastic slip locks, and a metal D-ring. Best of all they are washable! To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

SnakeSkin Collars and More

Pictured: SnakeSkin Dog Leash

Pictured: SnakeSkin Dog Leash

Although made from 100 percent vibrant, color-fast polyester, these “SnakeSkin” products feature the look of actual snake skin. Like most of Yellow Dog Design’s products, these are washable and feature strong metal hooks and latches. To view all Yellow Dog’s products, click here.

Superman Shield Leash and Collar

Pictured: Superman Shield Blue Yellow Red Dog Leash

Pictured: Superman Shield Blue Yellow Red Dog Leash

Officially licensed by DC Comics, the Superman Shield leash and dog collar is perfect for your superhero dog. Made in the USA, the superman emblem is emblazoned on a durable nylon. The collar features a seatbelt locking mechanism. For a look at all Buckle-Down’s products, click here.


Genuine Leather Dog Collars

Pictured: Ostrich Dog Collar

Pictured: Ostrich Dog Collar

Finally, we have a brand new array of exotic leather collars, including ostrich and alligator leathers. These collars are exceptionally crafted, beautifully styled, and are made of luxuriously soft fitting exotic leather. These genuine leathers are made with supple, strong lambskin leather and nickel hardware. To view all of our Shenandoah Exotic Leather collars, click here.

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The Dog Collar Museum at Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle England

Dog collars have a rich history, most of which is on display at the grand Leeds Castle. Located in Kent, England, the massive castle is England’s most-visited historic building, but it wasn’t always open to the public. It began its rich history as a Norman stronghold, but eventually the castle became the private grounds of kings and queens, including Henry VIII and his first wife Catherin of Aragon. It wasn’t until Lady Baillie took ownership of the castle that it was made public, and it has remained a public space ever since.

A Brief History of the Dog Collar Museum

Most people agree that the castle’s last owner, Lady Baillie, had the greatest impact on the historic castle. She gave her life to restorations and improvements, and her last act was to donate the castle to the Leeds Foundation. In doing so, she opened up the castle to the public, so its extensive grounds can be visited by more than just England’s elite.

In 1977, just a few years after Lady Baillie died, Mrs. Gertrude Hunt made the generous donation of her husband’s collection of historic dog collars. The collection included the earliest dog collar on record, a late 15th century Spanish iron herd mastiff’s collar, which according to the official Leeds Castle website, “would have been worn for protection against wolves and bears roaming Europe at the time.”

Leeds Castle Great Danes

It’s likely Lady Baillie would approve of the Dog Collars Museum, as she was a dog lover herself. A portrait of her massive Great Danes still hangs in the castle.

Since that initial donation by Mrs. Hunt, the museum has amassed more than 130 rare and valuable collars. This includes a number of collars that were discovered in storage and are now on public display for the first time. The museum is dedicated to amassing a valuable collection, so the Leeds Foundation continues to acquire collars by purchase and donation.

A Virtual Tour of the Dog Collar Museum

Leeds Castle Welcome Sign

Members of the Dog Collars Boutique team were fortunate enough to make their way to England recently and visit the iconic Leeds Castle. So much was learned, and lots of pictures were taken.

Dog Collars in Tudor Times (1485-1603)

Made of iron plates or chains with spiked links, these collars were meant to intimidate but also to protect the dog’s throat from attack.

Dog Collars during the Renaissance (17th Century)

These collars are less brutal. Although still used for hunting, dogs were growing in popularity as domestic pets. It was a good time for some dogs who were treated to pampering by Europe’s aristocratic classes.

Dog Collars from the 18th Century Onwards  

Although the plain brass circle remained the most common dog collar, it was during the 18th century that people started inscribing their collars to help ensure a lost dog could be returned. Sometimes these inscriptions would be silly. Here’s an example of that:

“I am lost return me to my master, I am to go without a log, I am Mr. Millard’s dog, my brother was Christn’d Prickly Dick and my name is Nimble Come Quick.”

Finally, for a look at today’s collars, browse what’s available on We have a variety of 20th century collars available, and each showcases the unique styles of today’s collars.

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Dog and Owner Reunited After Two Years (Video)

Jose adopted Chaos when he was just a puppy more than two years ago. It was a difficult time for Jose, who admits to being homeless and recently divorced. His life had not gone to plan, but in Chaos he found comfort.

“Chaos helped me through so much in my life, I took him everywhere with me!” He told Winnebago County Animal Services.

Unfortunately for Jose, he asked the wrong friend to watch over Chaos. It had been their agreement that the friend would only keep Chaos until such a time that Jose could secure a home for the two of them. The friend refused to give the dog back, and for two years Jose missed his dog.

Who knows what the friend did exactly, but Chaos was found two years later in a woman’s driveway. Coincidentally, the woman was an employee of the Winnebago County Animal Services. She brought Chaos to the shelter where employees were able to track down Jose using the microchip embedded in Chaos.

Jose was initially worried that Chaos wouldn’t recognize him, but a dog’s nose knows. They’re able to catalog and hold onto smells, which allow them to recognize people even after terribly long absences. The above video has been viewed more than a million times because it shows a touching reunion. Jose hopes that the reunion will inspire you to microchip your dog because it may be the only way you can reconnect with your dog after a separation or theft.

Keep reading to learn more about dogs and their incredible ability to remember

Human beings have about 6 million olfactory receptors in our noses; dogs have up to 300 million. According to, “The part of a dog’s brain that is devoted to analyzing smells is, proportionally speaking, 40 times greater than ours.” And, dogs have an olfactory memory, or smell memory; although, science isn’t exactly clear on how long a dog can remember something by smell, dogs remember the affection for their owners for years at a time. Soldiers who’ve left home for four years or more are affectionately greeted by their dogs upon their return.

Although it’s this sense of smell that most triggers a dog to remember, facial recognition plays a role too. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Padua, dogs rely on their eyes more than their noses to recognize their masters. Unfortunately, for blind or visually impaired dogs this method is unreliable, so let the dog smell you if you’re meeting him for the first time after a long absence.

The most beautiful thing about all of this is how much Chaos missed his owner. Contrary to popular belief, dogs do understand that a lot of time has passed. In fact, dogs are going to show more affection depending on the length of time you’ve been gone. It’s recommended to take reunions slow and in a place that is quiet and secluded, as the dog may have suffered some anxiety having not seen you in so long. Once reunited, don’t be surprised if your dog continues to shower you with love and affection. Jose said that Chaos kept his head lovingly placed on Jose’s shoulder the entire hour-and-a-half drive home.



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The Simple Way to Train Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

This harness has a unique front-chest leash attachment that stops pulling by tightening slightly across the dog’s chest and shoulder blades. It’s safe and painless.

Regardless if your dog is a puppy or full-grown, you may be having some difficulties getting him to walk on the leash. Finding the right collar or harness and leash combination doesn’t have to be a trial and error process. A steer harness is almost always a smart choice when it comes to training; and, it has long-term obedience training potential.

Training with a Steer Harness

Did you know obedience experts, such as world renowned dog training expert Cesar Milan, recommends that you walk in front of your dog? Cesar walks as many as ten dogs at a time, and yet he’s always up front. “The dogs see me as their pack leader,” writes Milan. You need this title when walking your dog; otherwise, he’s going to think he’s the pack leader, and he’ll be less inclined to learn commands.

A steer harness is an easy way to get you to the front of the pack. Sometimes called a no-pull harness, it allows you more control over your dog without hurting him. With a steer harness you lead your dog from the front, which gives you more control; hence, you’re steering your dog, much like you would lead a horse or cattle.

Combine your steer harness with a short leash. A short leash is a good training tool because it doesn’t let your dog get away from you. They keep his focus on you, and will teach him to stay at your side or behind you while walking.

Putting on a Steer Harness

Steer harnesses are easily placed on dogs. Rather than maneuvering his legs into designated holes, such as with ordinary harnesses, steer harnesses are placed over the head of your dog. Simply place and click it together underneath his chest. It’s a no hassle harness, which is pleasing to both you and your dog; additionally, it means you can very easily fit them over the giant breeds as well as small and medium-sized dogs.

Steer harnesses come in a number of designs and patterns. Look for one that is comfy for your dog; meaning, it should fit his side and not irritate his skin. Our Easy Walk Harness comes in 7 colors and is designed to gently discourage your dog from pulling. It also comes with training instructions, which will help you use it in the most productive manner.

For a full list of steer harnesses available, click here.

Steer Harnesses are Safe

Unlike traditional collars and harnesses, the steer harness never causes choking, coughing, or gagging because it doesn’t pull on your dog’s neck. Because the chest strap rests along the breast bone, he’ll never feel it pulling against his neck. This also means you can give a gentle pull to get your dog back on track and he won’t be hurt.

Training a dog to walk on a leash doesn’t have to be hard work. If you take the correct steps in terms of training and you use a steer harness, you’re guaranteeing comfortable walks every time. A well-training dog is a great achievement, and a steering harness is a great way to ensure he’s well-training, as well as happy, healthy, and comfortable.

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Is a Collar or a Harness Better for Your Dog?

Martingale Rolled Dog Collar

No two dogs are the same (just like people). That means what works for one dog may not necessarily work for another even if they’re the same age and breed. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and with all sorts of personalities. In order to help you make an informed decision, here’s everything you need to know about collars and harnesses.

Remember: your ultimate goal in selecting a collar or a harness is to meet your training and behavioral goals, but your dog’s size, personality, and any medical conditions should factor into your choice.

All About Dog Collars

You should choose a collar for your dog if your dog doesn’t pull on the leash. It’s not recommend to choose collars if your dog has throat issues, such as respiratory issues or trachea problems. If your dog meets these requirements, he’s the perfect candidate for a traditional collar.

Collars come in many different styles and sizes. We don’t recommend you choose any of the negative reinforcement collars, such as choke chains, to train your dog. Instead, choose a collar that’s stylish and comfortable. Use treats and other rewards to provide your dog with incentive for good behavior.

If your dog slips collars, we recommend a martingale collar (aka the greyhound collar). Martingale collars get a bit tighter when your dog pulls or backs up, which is traditionally when he can slip out of a customary collar. Don’t worry, this doesn’t hurt your dog; it only ensures he won’t slip loose. They offer gentle control, and are typically wider than traditional collars.

All About Harnesses

If your dog has any throat issues, such as those mentioned above, absolutely avoid collars at all costs and choose a harness instead. Harnesses are also the perfect solution for dogs who are able to slip collars or who pull or lunge while being walked. If your dog pulls on the leash, he may cause injury to himself, but this won’t happen while in a harness.

Most veterinarians recommend harnesses for small breeds because they’re so delicate. They are more prone to injury. Any slight pull against the collar can cause their fragile neck to become injured, so don’t take the risk with these breeds, especially toy breeds.

There are two types of harnesses, front-attaching harnesses and back-attaching harnesses. Front-attaching harnesses are best for large dogs because it allows for more control during walks. Back-attaching harnesses do not provide this leverage, but they are better suited for small and toy breeds as they’re less likely to put on too much pressure and injure the dog.

There are lots of options to choose from on our website, Check out our selection to browse the right collar or harness for your dog. Your dog is unique and his fashion should reflect this uniqueness, but more importantly it should keep him safe and act as a training tool for you.

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The Benefits of Walking Your Dog + Giveaway

Dogs love walks, especially in spring when the weather has turned from frigid to comfortably warm. It’s this time a year that your dog is treated to new smells and fresh air. We welcome spring to all our visitors by offering you the chance to win our ultimate dog walking package, which includes everything you need to ensure comfortable walks all season long. Enter below, but first read up on the benefits of walking your dog (you may be surprised that the benefits aren’t just for your dog, but for you as well).

Regular Exercise and Potty Breaks

If you regularly walk your dog, you understand that it provides both of you exercise. It’s such a healthy activity and we encourage all of our friends with furbabies to walk their dogs once per day for at least 30 minutes. Most veterinarians agree that this activity should exist separate from bathroom breaks to encourage exercise and exploration.

That being said, dog walking encourages your dog to evacuate outside. So, it’s important to participate in short potty walks too. If you’re struggling to potty train, regularly walking your dog gives you the opportunity to reward him when he evacuates outdoors. Give a treat each time he goes to reward him for this good behavior and you’ll soon come to find he only goes outdoors and never inside.

Manage Your Stress and Connect with Nature

According to Psychology Today, dog walking isn’t just good for your dog it’s also good for you. Besides exercise, dog walking provides you with therapy because it helps to balance your stress and connects you to nature.

“Research has shown that being around a dog can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and dampen other physiological stress responses. The effect is so strong that service dogs are sometimes used to help war veterans manage PTSD.”

Physical activity is also a great remedy for stress, so you’re doing double duty by spending time with your dog and taking long walks. Nature also plays a role in your happiness, as studies have shown that a connection to nature can increase your sense of well-being. Take your dog for walks in parks and on trails to really get away from the bustle of the city and attune with nature’s beauty.

Dog Walking Tips

Before loading your dog into the car and heading out to a state park or nature reserve, double check that the location allows dogs on the premises. Not all do. Local parks may have ordinances against dogs too. It would be disappointing to be ticketed or turned away when you arrive.

Once you’ve chosen a place that is natural and encourages dog walking, you’re most of the way ready for your walk. You need a few supplies, such as a collar, leash, and fresh water for your dog to drink. We’ve included all of those goodies and more in our giveaway, which is located at the bottom of this post. Walk your dog for at least thirty minutes, and make sure to bring a plastic bag or scoop to clean up his refuse.

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Earth Day Tips for Going Green with Your Dog

In honor of Earth Day, which is on April 22nd, here’s an infographic that tells you how you can go green with your dog. The graphic provides 14 tips on how you can reduce your dog’s “carbon paw-prints” while helping your dog live a healthier life and saving a ton of money. Happy Earth Day, and if you need more tips for staying green with your dog, please leave a comment with your questions.

Oh – one more thing – dog collars can be green too. When choosing a new collar, look for earth-friendly and sustainable materials.

The Green Dog Owner

Infographic Courtesy Of Ultimate Home Life

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