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Time to Play Fetch!

Spring is here – have you and your dog made it to the bark park yet? One pastime that owners and dogs love is playing fetch, but instead of using a ball that can only go a short distance, why … Continue reading

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Butterfly Dog Collar Collection

Are you the type of person that creates a garden to attract beautiful butterflies, birds, and insects, enabling them to enjoy the wonderland that you have made for them? This designer is the same way. Growing up in the San … Continue reading

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Daisy Crystal Bling Dog Collar For Your Girlie Dog

Girlie dogs love bling! But what makes the perfect girlie collar for your dog?  Matching her personality may call for flowers, print design, leather, buckles, colors, or stars. But for ultra cute, you can’t go wrong with flowers and sparkles. … Continue reading

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8 Row Large Swarovski® Crystal Dog Collar is a Show Stopper

Dog Collar Boutique has another hidden gem made by Diamond Dogs® from Great Britain, and it’s a beauty! It is created with 8 rows of studded Swarovski® Crystals, each individually affixed to premium quality English bridle leather, backed with a soft … Continue reading

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Introducing Alisa Marie K-9 Couture Dog Collars

Dog Collars Boutique is proud to announce a new line of dog collars made by Alisa Marie K-9 Couture. All of these collars feature Coco Swarovski® crystals and are available in 11 colors. Alisa Marie K9 Couture uses only the … Continue reading

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How To Handle Nuisance Neighborhood Dogs

During my tenure as a dog walker, I found that not all of my clients’ neighbors were particularly thoughtful dog owners. When walking your dog, you have every right to enjoy as stress-free a stroll around the neighborhood as possible. … Continue reading

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Help! My Dog Won’t Budge On A Leash.

The most common difficulty people have when walking their dogs is pulling on the leash. However, it’s not unheard of for a dog to simply “refuse to move” when out on a walk. Some dogs will suddenly flatten themselves to … Continue reading

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Teach Your Dog the Proper Reaction to Scary and Exciting Things

Walking a dog who barks and lunges at other dogs, people on bicycles or anything else is understandably frustrating and embarrassing. Fortunately, there are effective methods of combating such behavior, and I’ll give you a basic overview of those methods … Continue reading

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What’s That?! Help for the Distractible Dog

One challenge many dog owners face to teaching their dogs to walk nicely on leash is distractibility. Some dogs really want to investigate every sight, sound and smell. The following is a great approach to handling a highly distractible dog. … Continue reading

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Teaching Your Dog to Walk Nicely on Leash

If you’ve owned dogs, you’ve probably realized how persistent pulling on leash can be. Dogs aren’t naturally inclined to walk at a consistent, moderate pace the way we are; they like to stop and sniff, or charge toward interesting things. … Continue reading

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