French Bulldog

French BulldogThe Breed

The French Bulldog was bred down from the English Bulldog to suit his job as “lap-warmer.”  Orginally called a toy bulldog, the Frenchie earned his name after becoming extremely popular around Paris (and especially popular with Paris’s “working women”).  Frenchies’ ears are a trademark bat-ear or tulip shape.  The French Bulldog best enjoys a life indoors, and is sensitive to overheating.

French Bulldog Dog Collars

The French Bulldog is by nature a fashionista.  This breed’s medium neck size and sturdy build make her a great canvas for all manner of high fashion collars, and her beautiful looks make her just as attractive in a dressed down leather collar.  The French Bulldog’s indoor lifestyle means less chance of damage to a special collar – so bring on the bling!  The breed’s average neck size is 12”- 16”.  See the Haute Couture Collars, Fun Fancy Bling Collars, and the Out on the Town Collars collections for some exquisite choices for your Frenchie’s wardrobe.

At a Glance

  • Non-Sporting Group.
  • Under 28 pounds.
  • Companion.

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