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The Maltese is a small silky-white dog possessing a unique mix of fearlessness and gentleness.  An ideal toy dog for a family, the Maltese’s good manners and cleanly nature have made her a favorite for over two millennia.  Once the dog of the royals, today’s Maltese can be found on the laps of city dwellers and in the purses of young socialites.

Maltese Dog Collars

The Maltese’s fine white fur is nicely set off by sparkles and fun prints.  The dog’s medium small size means she can fit into a variety of styles and is comfortable in materials from ribbon to leather.  Very thin collars (like the half- inch width used for toy collars) are not recommended on a Maltese as they will not show through the long fur.  The breed’s average neck size is 12”- 16”. Check out Haute Couture Collars, Fun Prints Collars, and the Burberry Collar collection for styles that will look great on your Maltese’s silky snow white.  (She also looks fabulous in a delicate harness.)

At a Glance

  • Toy Group.
  • From 4 to 7 pounds.
  • Companion dog.

2 Responses to Maltese

  1. Money Penny says:

    12″ to 16″ on neck size? Really, really? Is this really in inches? The dogs normally stand no taller than 13 inches, so you are saying the neck size is bigger than their overall height? Wow, just wow.

  2. Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes ya don’t…

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