RottweilerThe Breed

A consummate overachiever, the Rottweiler excels at any task he is given.  Rottweilers perform excellent work as guard dogs, trackers, competitors, and service animals, but have an unparalleled protective instinct for their own family.  Aloof and untrusting of strangers, Rottweilers require obedience training and socialization with new people. They are eager to work, but their playfulness comes out at home, where they comfortably show off their sillier side.

Rottweiler Dog Collars

A Rottweiler’s collar needs to be as tough as he is.  His everyday collar can be sturdy leather or heavy duty synthetic with a heavy duty leash, and he may need a martingale or other training collar if he is a working dog.  The breed’s average neck size is 24”- 30”.  Some collar styles do not go up to 30”, so if your Rottie is extra large, you may be shopping in the “Big Dog” section.  See the Large Collars, Martingale Collars, and Classic Leather Collars sections for Rottweiler collar ideas, as well as Dog Harnesses for more working dog gear.

At a Glance

  • Working Group
  • Ranging in size from 22 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Guard dog

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