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As a boutique for doting dog owners, we hear so many touching, funny, and amazing canine stories every week, from dogs saving babies, to dogs chasing shadows, to dogs eating nail clippings…  We also love to see the gorgeous photos posted on Facebook or sent in the mail to show us how great the dogs look in our collars.  Playing a small part in the lives of our customer’s dogs makes us happy!  But we wondered — have our customers wondered about our dogs?  We’ve got plenty, and they are a pretty neat pack.

Shadow, a majestic old girl, works in accounting.  A traditional lady, she likes to follow around the man of the house, but she wouldn’t turn down a good squirrel chase either.



Roxy, a Corgi mix, and Watson, a mystery mix, both pound their paws to the keyboard in our marketing department.  The work is intense at times, but they can’t complain.  Roxy and Watson love the view out the office picture window, where they can watch the birds landing on the pond and imagine themselves chasing turtles and taking a stinky dip in the sparkling green water.

Kayla, a prize-winning English Pointer, oversees the collar warehouse where Lola, a hairless Chinese Crested, and Misiu, a Yorkie, carefully wrap and pack treasures for pampered pooches.  In her spare time, Kayla likes to keep fit in order to compete in the Eukanuba Championships.

Kayla, the Champ



Duncan works upstairs in social media, building our Facebook and Twitter presence and maintaining this blog.  He is a Morkie (Maltese + Yorkie) and doesn’t mind it if you call him a mutt.  Duncan is an adopted child, but that doesn’t hurt his feelings either.  He spends his weekends outside.

Duncan, Weekend Warrior

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