Top 10 Dogs for Lazy Owners

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences for any animal lover. However, with canine ownership comes the related responsibilities that can cause ongoing demand and frustration. Taking care of a pet is a labor of love but not every owner may have the time and energy to give every breed. Thankfully, there are easy care dog options available for owners that consider themselves too restricted for the exercise required for a husky or the grooming necessary for a sheepdog. While you’ll still find yourself reading up on puppy housebreaking tips, there are certain low maintenance breeds that can offer all the desired companionship a prospective owner is looking for without much daily hassle.

No matter what breed an owner chooses, they will still need to clean up after their pet. Thankfully, this task can be made easier for any lazy owner with an indoor dog toilet. When looking for the proper model, it’s best to avoid those that use litter, as this can cause a bigger mess. It’s much better to purchase a plastic model with a grate, allowing the owner to place absorbent pads below for improved sanitation. These choices keep dogs from leaving any tracks inside the home and are also easy to maintain. Before buying, make sure the canine toilet can sustain the weight of your particular dog.

Here are the top ten dogs who will tolerate your low-key lifestyle:

1. Pug
A Pug is a small, lovable variety that requires little space or training. These animals are not built for excessive exercise, so this can be kept to a minimum.

2. Chihuahua
Chihuahuas make a perfect indoor choice, since they are so small, yet they can be high energy and excitable around other pets. Little exercise is needed and all types are easy to groom.

3. Bulldog
If you are looking for compatibility with other pets, Bulldogs can be a proper choice. This dog should be walked here and there to prevent health problems, but nothing too strenuous is recommended.

4. Border Terrier
Border Terriers can be an easy dog to care for due to their short hair. This type of dog does not need to be walked, but still should have a reasonable amount of indoor activity. They are also fairly easy to train.

5. Bichon Frise
The Bichon Frise is one of the few smaller dogs that get along well with children. They require little food and usually have an agreeable temperament. Though they may require a little more effort to housetrain, they are also good at learning tricks.

6. Poodle
A Poodle is another good option, as these are actually quite easy to train. These dogs are a good fit for any of a number of sizes of living spaces. Though they do require professional grooming, they don’t require other excessive care.

7. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
A great family dog is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These animals are able to adapt to any environment and have an easy going disposition. This breed is happy to either go for a walk or simply relax by you at home.

8. Beagle
Beagles can be either an indoor or outdoor dog and are known for being easygoing in many situations. Other than combing them weekly, they do not require an excessive amount of grooming.

9. Welsh Corgi
The Welsh corgi is easily trained and loves to spend time with their owner. They work well in small living spaces and do not have to be clipped or trimmed. Routine walks are important to help keep them healthy.

10. Greyhound
One larger dog that requires less care than you may think is the Greyhound. This dog is actually not a high energy breed, which makes it suitable for apartments and other smaller living spaces. Grooming is minimal due to their short coats and a daily walk will help keep them in good shape.

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Erick D. Smith lives in San Diego, is a proud Dachshund owner, and blogs about dogs for He is kind of a lazy dog owner but mostly blames that on his lazy dog Minnie.

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3 Responses to Top 10 Dogs for Lazy Owners

  1. Alan says:

    I would say that a lazy dog owner should certainly keep a short haired breed, nothing worse than looking at a scruffy unkempt dog

  2. Dev says:

    Being a Toy Poodle owner myself, and I did expect to see them listed here as I clicked this blog post! So far as my experience goes with taking care of them, it’s quite good actually. No need in taking them out for a walk every hour or so, no rigorous training exercise and the like.

    Poodles pretty much suit my lifestyle, so I definitely agree on this one!

  3. Petside says:

    I am the proud owner of a lovable, smart and caring beagle. She is the perfect breed for lazy owners like myself who would rather cuddle up on the couch with their dog than walk them around the block or take them to the dog park. My dog sleeps in her cage at night without howling, barking or crying and then crawls into bed with me every morning when my mother lets her out of her cage. She also loves to explore the backyard, which keeps her busy and out of my hair, and she is great around people and other dogs. On a scale of one to ten I rate her a ten on the Lazy Dog Owner’s scale.

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