Why Valentine’s Day goes to the Dogs
February 9, 2011 Dapper Dog Lifestyle

from Chris Olson on flickr

According to a Reuters survey, as many as 20 percent of people from around the globe would rather stay home this Valentine’s Day — with their pets.

What’s causing Valentine’s Day to go to the dogs, so to speak? Perhaps it’s the economy. Prudent people realize that even if they’re in a relationship, there isn’t enough “return on investment” in a lavish Valentine’s celebration. It’s one day out of the year that could be better spent (without spending money) at home, maybe with pets and lovers.

While many couples stay home together, with the furry family at their feet, young single folk are most likely to opt out of San Valentino’s celebration. There isn’t much point in getting a date for that night if you don’t already have one. What’s more, you probably can’t afford the price tag! To spend the evening with a pooch is to spend the evening with someone who doesn’t care how much you spent on his or her dinner, and doesn’t care what movie you put on. It makes for a no-hassle, no-drama evening, guaranteed.

The most important reason for wanting to spend Valentine’s Day with your pet doesn’t brush off the holiday altogether, but celebrates it in a different way. If we are celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, why not celebrate the purest, most unconditional love humans have ever known? The love of a dog for his person deserves a day of its own.

In Europe another Valentine’s poll shows numbers as high as 40 percent spending the day with pets. The holiday is less commercialized across the pond, and perhaps the trend in the States will continue as Americans recovering from economic or relationship crises continue to reexamine their priorities.

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