Unlikely Duo- The Spaniel and the Siamese

When you think of opposites, cats and dogs come immediately to mind. They may not be buttercup01perfect friends, but the two animals can coexist in a single home. Buttercup the Cocker Spaniel and Lynx the Siamese cat have forged a relationship that may not come easily to them, but is always interesting.

When Buttercup joined Julie and Roy’s home eight years ago as a puppy, she lived with an older cat who wasn’t interested in making another furry friend, so the two did not forge a friendship, or even interact that much. Since Buttercup was already used to living with a feline, having a kitten join the family was not an issue for her.

Lynx, as a young Siamese cat, has a lot of energy, and actually searches for Buttercup to interact, normally by biting Buttercup on the ear, and then chasing after her. They both buttercup02like to eat turkey jerky, and Lynx will steal Buttercup’s if not eaten it fast enough. Lynx also likes to drink from Buttercup’s water bowl, even though she has her own cat-sized bowl.

Although it seems like Lynx lives to torment Buttercup, the two do have a solid relationship. They sleep in different areas of the house (Buttercup and Lynx are separated at night so that Buttercup can sleep without being disturbed), but they always come to see each other first thing to say “good morning.” They also can be seen on occasion sitting, and even napping together. Even though they may not be the best of the friends, the two animals have certainly formed a special bond.

By Madalena, a recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. By day, she works on the corporate side of the beauty industry in NYC, working as a New Product Development (NPD) Coordinator for a prestige skincare company. Madalena’s passion outside of work is fitness- she recently became licensed as a Zumba(R) instructor, and aims to compete in both a triathlon and half-marathon this year. Madalena loves animals and enjoys meeting dogs and their owners.
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