Time to Play Fetch!

Spring is here – have you and your dog made it to the bark park yet? One pastime that owners and dogs love is playing fetch, but instead of using a ball that can only go a short distance, why not use a disc that can be thrown up to 200 feet? The Winga™ dog toy, made by Kurgo, can do just that.

Your dog will start jumping and getting excited when you pull out this new toy to play, and that tail wagging excitement will continue every time he sees it. The Winga™’s thrower propels the discs much farther than an overhand throw would, all while saving you shoulder pain. That extra distance and ease of throwing will equal more exercise for your dog, so don’t be surprised if after an hour of playing she needs a nice long nap. As an added bonus, the discs also float in water, so they can be a fun option for that dog that loves to play at the lake or in the pool.

The Winga™ is one fabulously engaging way to get out and enjoy time with your dog. It’s great to use at any playground, dog park, field, or even in your backyard, and, if you’re just taking a walk and don’t want to bring the thrower, the discs can easily be thrown by hand. No matter how you choose to use the Winga™, get outside and enjoy the great Spring weather with your best wet-nosed friend.

The Winga™ starter kit, offered for $14.76, includes one thrower and two discs. The thrower is made of high density polyethylene, while the dishwasher-safe discs are made of durable, non-toxic materials. A set of 2 replacements discs is also available for $11.60. Kurgo has been developing quality dog products since 2003, so check out the other products we have to offer made by them. Check it out at

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