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Animal lovers can attest: There’s no such thing as too many puppies. According to, more than 78 million dogs have homes in the United States. For this legion of puppy-possessed owners and the ranks of wanna-be pet parents comes a growing collection of dog-specific TV programming. From behavior tips to dog contests to highly trained canines, these shows offer an intimate look dogs from all angles.

If you love man’s best friend, enjoy the entertainment provided by these best puppy-loving programs:

‘The Dog Whisperer’

No bark is too loud for renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan. On National Geographic’s “Dog Whisperer,” Millan travels around the world rehabilitating dogs and demonstrating effective training tactics for owners. In a recent episode, Millan described why a couple’s dog goes into a frenzy when its owners kiss. Hungry for attention, the dog responds to Millan’s snaps and quiets down. Millan’s list of celebrity students includes Jillian Michaels, Kelsey Grammer and Hugh Hefner.

Owners looking to foster better relationships with their dogs can learn tips and tricks from Millan. Even if your dog is well behaved, Millan’s uncanny ability to connect with man’s best friend is a sight to behold.

‘Puppy Bowl’

A long NFL season culminates with the Super Bowl, America’s most-watched television event. Die-hard animal lovers aren’t focused on football, halftime or commercials, however, because over on Animal Planet there’s an even more exciting competition: “Puppy Bowl.” Watch puppies of every shape and size in a miniature football field as they wrestle for toys. This annual event uses slow motion cameras to capture the cuteness. Forgive the pups if they don’t play by the rules.

For dog enthusiasts, the chance to gather so many different breeds in one place is an elusive dream. “Puppy Bowl” is the next best thing.

‘Alpha Dogs’

Some dogs are destined for greatness. “Alpha Dogs” chronicles the development of police and military dogs from around the world. Physically gifted canines need training and practice to master skills like finding illegal substances, pursuing criminals and scaling walls. These dogs go through boot camp just like regular soldiers. Soldiers and dogs compete in challenges that test the strength of their bonds. Lead trainer Ken Licklider demands excellence from his dogs. “Alpha Dogs” airs on National Geographic Fridays at 9 p.m.

Watch “Alpha Dog” to see dogs perform at the highest level. The next time you see a police dog, you’ll appreciate the hard work that goes into its training.

‘Dogs 101’

If you’re ready to own a dog, but you’re not sure what kind, “Dogs 101” is a good place to start. Highlighting a different breed each episode, “Dogs 101” reveals the personalities, temperaments, likes and dislikes of dogs. Learn whether a certain breed would fit in with your lifestyle, and get to know more about dogs in general. Episodes that highlighted the affenpinscher, the English bulldog and the golden retriever have garnered the most attention so far. If your passion is pups, “Dogs 101” will be your favorite class.

Catch “Dogs 101” every weekday morning at 8 a.m. on Animal Planet.

by: Maren Krauss
The two things Maren loves most is traveling the world and hanging out with her dog, Maxine. She writes about both of these subjects often.

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