Long Island Princess


It’s not often that a dog embodies his or her name as well as Princess, 3, does. The little mutt is an “old soul” who joined her family at six weeks old. We sat down with Princess’ owner, Joanne, to find out more about the pooch:

  1. How did Princess join your family?
  2. A family friend of ours had a female dog, and then acquired a male dog who they only thought was spayed. Princess was a part of their litter, and needed a home. Since my three daughters played at their house, and loved the dog, my friend encouraged me to take her home. At first, I wasn’t thrilled, but she’s become a member of the family. Princess is very sweet and loving. She’ll know when someone is sick or hurting, and she’ll lay on that body part, as if she can make it better. It’s great to have her here with us.

  3. Walk us through a day in the life of Princess.
  4. Princess is actually the most reluctant to wake up out of all of my girls in the morning- she doesn’t want to get out of bed, and she doesn’t want my daughters to leave her to go to school. Once the girls leave for school, she’ll follow me around the house, but she gets excited around 1:30, when she knows that it’s time to go pick up the girls from school. Sometimes, I’ll take her with me to the school, and she really loves that.

  5. What are Princess’ favorite things?
  6. Princess loves to run around outside, and she especially loves the snow! Inside, she plays with her stuffed animals- she has a koala that is her favorite. Out of all the treats we give her, she prefers Purina T-Bonz (http://www.purinatbonz.com/).

  7. What’s something about Princess that her friends may not know about her?
  8. Princess is a Certified Therapy Dog! She earned her certificate through the Bideawee Learning Center for Pets and People (http://www.bideawee.org/Learning-Centers), in Wantagh, New York. This means that she’s qualified to go into hospitals to work with the sick and elderly.

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