Announcing bon Christiani Designer Collars – Exclusively at Dog Collar Boutique

Celtic Rose Collar

Celtic Rose Collar

This week we joined dog-collaring and legend-making forces with one of the most artistic and quality-driven dog collar designers we have come across to date.  The bon Christiani line of Celtic- and mythology-inspired collars is now available exclusively through Dog Collar Boutique.

Jennifer Christiano founded the company as bon Christiani to honor her old-world heritage.  She wanted to create something both dogs and people could enjoy, by combining her knowledge of precious gems with her love of dog collaring.  Having spent her graduate school years at the University of Chicago studying ethnic jewelry, founding bon Christiani was the perfect way for Christiano to express herself through gemstones and design.

When we came across the bon Christiani collars online, we were instantly smitten.  We had to have them for the boutique!  The authenticity of the gems used (mostly Celtic period gems), the symbology and significance of the designs, and the quality of the construction, using materials such as handcast bronze and locally sourced garnet, are an amazing combination of passion and attention to detail not commonly found in something as deceptively simple as a dog collar.

You and your dog can enjoy an artisanal collar made from the same materials, by the same processes, that have not changed since the time of Beowulf and his insular ancestors.  Celtic roses, triangular knots, Viking-like shields and even frolicking horses grace the leather of these collars, and even the elegant bronze D-ring has a story.  It was modeled after a belt buckle found on a Celtic bog man!

Have a look at the full line of bon Christiani collars at Dog Collar Boutique, now the exclusive retailer for these exquisite designs.

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3 Responses to Announcing bon Christiani Designer Collars – Exclusively at Dog Collar Boutique

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for your comment. Here’s a link to all of the celtic collars we have available, including dog collars for St. Patty’s Day.

  2. Nicole Wenisch says:

    Very interested in the celtic dog collars. Every link says they are no longer available. Will more be made?

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