Daisy Crystal Bling Dog Collar For Your Girlie Dog
January 31, 2012 Dog Fashion
Girlie dogs love bling! But what makes the perfect girlie collar for your dog?  Matching her personality may call for flowers, print design, leather, buckles, colors, or stars. But for ultra cute, you can’t go wrong with flowers and sparkles. Here is a very cute collar that really gives your girlie dog something to howl about!

The Daisy Bling collar is made of high quality leather adorned with daisies and Swarovski® crystals. Each collar features color coordinated crystals found in flower centers and on either side. The crystals come in eight different colors; cotton candy, pistachio, dark brown. lemon yellow, lime green, black, lilac, and bubble gum. The flowers come in either pink or white.

Each collar is hand made in New York  by  Around the Collar with superb attention to detail. These custom collars may take up to 4 weeks to get, but you and your dog will appreciate the soft leather and attention to detail. The sparkle of the Swarovski® crystals and the feminine flowers truly make this collar an amazing find that will bring your little lady the attention she deserves. Prices range from $44- $110.00 with sizes ranging from 8” all the way up to 25”.

Dog Collar Boutique travels all over to find top quality dog collars and hard-to-find styles. The products carried are seldom found in regular pet stores. We look for small companies that make dog items that only sell to boutiques, not the big stores. Take a look, feel free to chat with us online, or give us a call if you have any questions. We love hearing about you pet and what would work best for the both of you.  Feel free to leave us a review on how much you love this collar.

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