Dog Spotlight – Maxwell: Beauty Tips

Maxwell Playing

When Bianca got Maxwell, her two year Labradoodle in 2011, she didn’t realize that her cosmetology license would come in handy in keeping her puppy at his most handsome. After working at a hair salon for years, Bianca realized that she could use skills on her own pet.
Although Maxwell goes to the dog groomer on a regular basis, sometimes his fur grows so long that it covers his eyes, and impedes his vision. So every four to six weeks, Bianca will trim the fur around Maxwell’s face with a buzzer.

Bianca is quick to say that her skills don’t replace Maxwell’s regular trips to the groomer, but it’s not impossible for any pet owner to keep his or her dog looking great and feeling comfortable. Wahl makes a pet clipper kit that allows pet owners to give their pets “touchups.” Note, however, the pet clipper is no different than a human clipper, so use what is most comfortable to you.
Maxwell on the Fountain

Bianca believes that Maxwell belongs on the cover of “GQ for dogs,” and doesn’t stop at the a fur trim to keep him looking camera ready. Maxwell has his eyes wiped with pet-friendly “baby wipes” to keep his eyes clean, and his ears cleaned with cotton swabs and warm water. To keep Maxwell’s coat looking shiny and soft, Bianca uses a pet friendly conditioner. Bianca makes sure to brush Maxwell on a regular basis, so that his curly fur doesn’t get matted and knotty.

The finishing touch for any grooming touch-up? A snazzy collar, of course! Right now, I’m loving the Tailbow Swarovski Crystal Heart Collar; it’ll stand out even amongst the chicest collars in all of Manhattan. With all of these basic grooming tips, who knows? Maybe your dog could be scouted to be a puppy model!

By Madalena, a recent graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. By day, she works on the corporate side of the beauty industry in NYC, working for one of the largest beauty trade shows in North America. Madalena’s passion outside of work is fitness- she recently became licensed as a Zumba(R) instructor, and aims to compete in both a triathlon and half-marathon this year. Madalena loves animals and enjoys meeting dogs and their owners.
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