Dressing Your Dog for the Holiday Season

Hey y’all! It’s my favorite time of year — Halloween is coming AND it’s time to choose the wardrobe for the most important photo shoot of the year — doggie Christmas card photos!

I’ve gotten plenty of boring holiday cards over the years and it’s my personal goal to NEVER send out a bland, generic or otherwise unsuitable greeting card. I’ve become well-known amongst my circle of family and friends for my quality photo holiday cards, which feature at least one of my dogs in a delightful costume with witty captions.

You may be thinking at this point, “Ewwwww, she’s one of those people that thinks her dogs are people.”

Not so, though I do love all five of my dogs. I know no one wants to see a glamour shot of my blue ribbon winners. I like to use puns and pop culture to send love and cheer that will be appreciated throughout the year.

Here are some of my best ideas to date to inspire you to make a bold and creative choice for this year’s seasonal salute!

The Year I Moved to Maine

A few years ago I moved to Maine. I sent out announcements with my new address, but that was in June and I know that’s a busy time of year. So, for my Christmas card I put Spike in THE cutest lobster outfit! It called out my new address (update your Blackberry, please!) and once I added a sassy caption, it was perfection. Informal canvassing indicated average fridge display time was 3.5 months (that’s quite good, for those of you that don’t track these things).

Oh, They’re Rebooting the Superman Franchise Again?

Littlefoot has always wanted a leading role in a feature film, according to his Facebook profile. When we heard there was another Superman project in the works he suited up and took to the streets. He filmed a video audition (TOTALLY charming) which was posted on his Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We’re still waiting to hear from an agent, but he’s confident that he has a future in “the biz.”

When Johnny Depp Was Willy Wonka

I love Johnny Depp, and so does Ducky, so when Tim Burton made a new Wonka movie, we were just thrilled! Ducky looks good in costumes for short characters (last Halloween he was a super cute Yoda), so I dressed him as an Oompa-Loompa. Ducky doesn’t take himself too seriously and doesn’t mind a more intensive costume, plus I got great feedback from the 3-1-1 demographic!


A few years ago I got into gardening and organic products. I wanted to remind all my friends and loved ones how easy it is to be healthy and green, wherever you live! Petri volunteered for this experiment and I think it’s one of the best costumes I’ve ever made from scratch, plus she smelled great!

Guest Contributor Michelle Cook Michelle is a freelance journalist who covers pop culture, including movies and TV shows. Her favorite genre is superhero movies.

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  1. Holiday season is really a fun time for dog owners as they get to involve their dogs on various costume parties. I honestly cannot get enough of the Superman costume. It just looks so cute on that poodle especially with a stare like that. I have always been fond of custom-designed dog collars but it will truly be great if dog collars come with costumes as such for this time of the year.

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