Easter Update–Pet Egg Owners Scramble to Find Dog Collars!

The pet egg world has been set on its ear this year as pet egg owners’ scramble to get collars for their pet eggs.

As one owner eggslaimed, “A collar really helps to keep our pet egg from rolling around, which, as you can imagine, is very important, especially when sitting on the table! And there are styles for every kind of egg!”

Easter Egg Collar

Easter Egg Collars: The most popular theme this time of year for pet eggs! Also a cleaner alternative to the usual decorative methods.


Faux Ostrich and Lizard leather collars: New interspecies faux leather collars a big hit with exotic pet eggs. Cross species collars are the newest trend with exotic pet eggs.


Caution Collars: Don’t take chances with your hard boiled egg. It’s best to keep a distance from these tough characters. They’ve been known to crack a head or two over practically nothing!


Pink Spike Leather Collars: Perfect for soft-boiled eggs with tough shells and soft yolks.


Spring Collars: What better way to celebrate the hatching of Spring?


Black Leather Acid Wash Bling Collar: Feeling cooped up and need to get out and have some fun? Saddle up with this over-the-top jeweled collar, perfect for line dancing and cock-a-doodling, barn-shaking, hoedowns!

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