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Big - Large

Big dog collars suitable for your large breed dog are not always easy to find. Here is a selection of collars for dogs larger than 100 pounds with 21" necks and larger. There are even some XL sizes for the giant breeds. Popular big and large breeds include: Akita (85-130 lbs), American Bulldog (70-100 lbs), Anatolian Shepherd (100-150 lbs), Black Russian Terrier (80-140 lbs), Bullmastiff (125-130 lbs), Caucasian Ovcharka (100-155 lbs), Central Asian Shepherd Dog (90-175 lbs), Doberman Pinscher (90-140 lbs), Great Dane (120-160 lbs), Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (135 lbs), Irish Wolfhound (120 lbs), Kuvasz (100-115 lbs), Mastiff (175-220 lbs), Neapolitan Mastiff (110-150 lbs), Newfoundland (130-150 lbs), Otterhound (115 lbs), Rottweiler (95-130 lbs), Saint Bernard (120-180 lbs), Scottish Deer Hound (65-110 lbs), Tibetan Masiff (100+ lbs)

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From: $199.95
Sizes: M L XL
From: $204.50
Sizes: S M L XL
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From: $224.00
Sizes: M L
From: $251.95
Sizes: L XL
From: $251.95
Sizes: L XL
From: $279.95
Sizes: L XL
From: $420.00
Sizes: M L
From: $420.00
Sizes: M L
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From: $486.50
Sizes: M L
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