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Pastelpals Portraits

Beautiful portraits from your favourite pet photographs, sensitively created in pastel by UK artist Lorraine Clivery

Faithful Friends Portraits

Beautiful pet portraits in acrylic by UK Animal Portrait Artist, Nicky Jones, specialising in detailed commissioned paintings of dogs, cats and other animals from your photographs.

Dog Portraits

Julie Palmer, (B.A. Hons) is a portrait artist specializing in the depiction of animals in pastel. She frequently receives commissions for portraits of dogs, cats, horses and other pets.

pet portrait

Pawzitive Prints

SPCA volunteers put this new concept together in hopes of connecting with fellow pet volunteers.

True Image Pet Portraits

True Image creates unique pet portraits from photographs. All our artwork is hand painted in acrylic on canvas or hand drawn with graphite pencil on quality paper. We can turn your favourite photographs into valuable artwork that will remind you of your special pet forever. We accept commissions worldwide. Unusual requests are welcome.

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