Cece Kent Sizing Guide:

Necklace:   With the necklace, the piece should hang down a bit. Measure the dog’s actual neck size then buy jewelry that is 1 – 2 inches larger for a smaller dog.  For a larger lab, the jewelry pieces could be 2 -4 inches larger for the drop ( especially for the leather Nevada and Navaho pieces).
The adjustable length shown is the approximate distance around the collar from the first hole and to the last hole of the collar. Each collar has five holes.
Size Adjustable Length Center Hole Length
XS 6" to 9" 7.5"
S 8" to 11" 9.5"
M 10" to 14" 12"
L 13" to 17" 15"
XL 16" to 20" 18"
Cece recommends, "Measure the exact (comfortable) size of the dog's neck (do not add any extra) then chose a collar that reflects THAT measurement. My collars have some ease in them - the extra small (6” to 9”) is just about 7” to the first hole for instance. There are 5 holes on each collar with about ¾ “ between the holes in the collar on the extra small and small - the last hole on the extra small is 9 ¾” from the mid buckle point. The medium, large and extra large have an 1 – 1 ¼” between holes. These are all hand made so there may be some small variance. The overall length of my collars has several inches after the last hole so if a dog outgrows the original hole placement a shoe maker could add extra holes."
For example:
  1. If your dog's exact (comfortable) neck measurement was 12", you would pick a collar center hole length size closest to 12". This would be the M collar.
  2. If your dog's exact (comfortable) neck measurement was 15.5", you would pick the collar with the center hole length closest to 15.5". This would be the L collar.
  3. If your dog's exact (comfortable) neck measurement is exactly in between two center hole lengths, then pick the smaller size. The collar will stretch slightly with wear.

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