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Dog Collar Info

Dog Collar Info

Measuring your dog for a collar or harness

A good fit is very important to ensure the collar is snug enough to keep from slipping over your dog's ears, yet loose enough to be comfortable. A good fitting collar will not be the exact size of your dog's neck. This is too tight. It should be snug but not choke.

To measure your dog, use a soft measuring tape, such as a seamstress's cloth tape measure. You may also use a piece of string, simply measure it after. Make sure your dog is standing. Measure snugly around your dog's neck where the collar would sit. Then add from one to two inches; one inch for a small dog and two inches for a large dog. This is the collar size for your dog. For a correctly fitted collar, you should be able to slip two fingers, flat, in between the tape and neck. For a very small dog, it may be one finger and for a much larger dog, three fingers

This technique will match the size of the collar when the collar is measured from the buckle to the last hole (the largest fit). Since some manufacturers size collars differently, see the manufacturer-specific Size Guide link on the collar product page you are considering purchasing, just above the size selector.

A History of Dog Collars

Join us as we take a look at dog collars from the ancient to the post-modern, and see how history and our changing attitude toward animals has influenced the way we collar our pooches.

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog By Air

The best way to travel by air, whether you are flying with your dog or flying a new dog to your home is to be aware of all rules and requirements by airlines and their destinations; and to be prepared for the unexpected.

Airline In-Cabin Dog Carrier Specifications

Find your airlines specific requirements for in-cabin dog carriers. Information and links to pet travel information for American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, AirTran Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Southwest Airlines

Dog Collar Buyers Guide

Finding the ideal dog collars can be fun but where to begin? How about here. Use this guide to discover the different materials and types of dog collars as well as the best type of collar for any particular situation and your dog's personality and breed.

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