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Have you adopted a pet? Or are you a shelter volunteer?
Help your shelter or rescue by recommending them for addition to the Dog Collar Boutique donation list.

Dog - Pet Blog Sponsorship

Dog - Pet Blog Sponsorship

Yes we'd like to sponsor your blog!

1/ Contest Sponsorship:

Dog Collar Boutique will sponsor a contest you host on your blog. It could be a collar, a leash, or a Dog Collar Boutique gift card. Your contest can be a simple random drawing of comments or answers to a question left on your blog. You set the rules. Participation requires the blog owner to attribute the contest to Dog Collar Boutique by linking to Dog Collar Boutique website. Giveaways and contests are a great way to increase blog readership. This helps Dog Collar Boutique to promote our new products and promotions and offers a benefit to your readers.

2/ Free products and reviews

Free products from Dog Collars Boutique. You may receive a new collar, leash or the latest sports gear for your dog. All we ask is a review of the product on your blog and link back to Dog Collar Boutique.

3/ Discounts

Be among the first to learn about promotions and discounts offered by Dog Collar Boutique. Also, receive coupons you may publish on your blog.

4/ Media buys

Every quarter we will offer blog properties the opportunity to host paid advertisements for Dog Collar Boutique. Advertising partners will be chosen based on marketing research. Dog Collar Boutique is not required to purchase advertising from all sponsored blogs. Blog may not offer competitive advertising.


1/ How can I make money with this program?

We are always open to buy online advertising. Every quarter we evaluate members and extend media buying offers.

2/ What if I want to leave the program?

All membership is voluntary and members may request to opt-out at any time.

3/ Are there rules and restrictions for sponsored blogs?

We request that all members of our program refrain from illegal activities and not accept advertising offers from our competitors. Refer to the terms and conditions below for our blog sponsorship program.

Terms and Conditions

1/ All sponsorships will be awarded at the discretion of Dog Collars Boutique. Dog Collar Boutique may deny sponsorships.

2/ Sponsorships may be revoked without prior warning or stated cause. Possible causes include but are not limited to:
  • Improper use of sponsorship discounts, promotions and advertisements.
  • Unlawful activity on a website will be reported and sponsorship revoked.
  • Negative content about displayed on sponsored website.
  • Inappropriate or offensive materials displayed on sponsored website.
  • Unethical website marketing activities by sponsored website.
  • Content that supports or links to companies competing in the same market with
  • Abuse of sponsorship privileges of any kind.
3/ Sponsorships may not advertise using any keywords that include the phrase, or variations of the trademarked phrase, "dog collar boutique"

Apply for Sponsorship Now! Be sure to include your blog web address in the message field and add "Blog Sponsorship" to the subject line.

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