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Designer: Auburn Leathercrafters |
Heavy Duty Town Lead - 2 colors
Heavy Duty Town Lead - 2 colors
Heavy Duty Town Lead - 2 colors Heavy Duty Town Lead - 2 colors Heavy Duty Town Lead - 2 colors
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Heavy Duty Town Leads are constructed for extra strong and large dogs. Made with full grain bridle leather and have beveled and hand finished edges for comfort. Assembled with bright nickel-plated hardware, a smooth action swivel bolt snap and capped rivets.

These are made in traffic lengths for better control, standard and training lengths.

Match this with the heavy duty collars below.

Heavy Duty Town Lead - 2 colors

By: Auburn Leathercrafters—See all Auburn Leathercrafters's products.
1" wide x 12", 24", 48", 72" long
Prices from $26.00 to $48.00
Price: $26.00
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THE to have for large, powerful dogs!
Posted by on 09/22/15
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Product Options (Size-Color) : Black 24"
Breed of pet: DOGO ARGENTINO
How did it fit?: Perfect
Review comment
My DOGO pup is now up to 140+lbs. and this leash is the perfect size for him. It is beautifully made, excellently constructed with nickel hardware and soft, supple leather that did not require any "break-in" at all. 24" is absolutely the perfect length for me to walk my big, tall pup with no extra slack plus it goes well with his Black wide Star Collar :)
Recommendation: Buy it!
Great leash...
Posted by on 09/09/14
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Review comment
Lovely leather, great quality. Bolted edges are a great addition to this product, instead of stitched. I expect this to last a long time. A bit stiff at first, and was broken in with use and a leather conditioner.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Excellent Quality
Posted by on 07/19/14
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Product Options (Size-Color) : 24" black
Breed of pet: German Shepherd
How did it fit?: Great
Review comment
Wonderful quality leash! Think leather and well reinforced for strong dogs.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Posted by on 09/12/13
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Product Options (Size-Color) : 6ft/Black
Breed of pet: Doberman
Review comment
Great leash! Own a shorter one too! They are well made, beautiful, very strong. An excellent product I would highly recommend to anyone with a large and powerful dog!
Recommendation: Buy it!

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Heavy Duty Town Lead - 2 colors
Heavy Duty Town Lead - 2 colors

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