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Designer: Auburn Leathercrafters |
Minnie Maddie Dog Collar - 4 colors
Minnie Maddie Dog Collar - 4 colors
Minnie Maddie Dog Collar - 4 colors Minnie Maddie Dog Collar - 4 colors Minnie Maddie Dog Collar - 4 colors
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The traditional Auburn Madison collars are now offered in an unlined version, making them more supple - especially for the smaller dogs. Full grain leather adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals. Unlined. Beveled and hand polished edges.

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Minnie Maddie Dog Collar - 4 colors

By: Auburn Leathercrafters—See all Auburn Leathercrafters's products.
Red, Royal Blue, Black, Pink
3/8" width x 8" length
3/8" width x 12" length
3/8" width x 10" length
1/2" width x 14" length
1/2" width x 16" length
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Prices from $36.00 to $64.00
Price: $36.00
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Customers Also Bought


Love, love, love this
Posted by on 07/10/14
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Product Options (Size-Color) : Red - 14"
Breed of pet: Miniature Poodle
How did it fit?: She will grow into it
Review comment
The collar is ever so slightly too big, but Stella is only 6 months and will grow into it - I didn't want to risk getting one too small and not being able to use it. She is black and the red collar looks amazing on her - very lady like :-)
Recommendation: Buy it!
Good Quality
Posted by on 04/10/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
{X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : 10 - Black
Breed of pet: Toy Poodle
How did it fit?: Too big in last hole.
Review comment
Great quality/price. The collar is too big.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Posted by on 03/29/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
{X} {X} {X} {X} { }
Breed of pet: teacup yorkie
How did it fit?: too big
Review comment
I am very happy with the style and quality of this product. The blue color is very pretty and bright. It really stands out on my dark colored yorkie. I followed the measurement guidelines but it was slightly big on my puppy on the last hole. I kept it anyways and he doesn't fuss with it at all. Since he is only 4 months, I decided to keep and will see if he grows into it more. The crystals and clear and bright and look of good quality. Worth the price!
Recommendation: Buy it!
the best collar for a tea cup pup
Posted by on 03/20/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
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Product Options (Size-Color) : xs pink
Breed of pet: tea cup chihuahua
How did it fit?: perfect!
Review comment
I have been searching all over for a pink leather collar with 1 row (not 2 rows!) of crystals and to offer swarovski is wonderful! Love this collar. I was worried that it wouldn't fit her tiny neck. It's a perfect size and fit for a tea cup pup. All the pet stores don't have collars this small! What? Thank you so much for carrying this tiny of a collar :)
Recommendation: Buy it!
Posted by on 02/14/14
Was this helpful? yes / no
{X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : red
Breed of pet: Boston terrier
How did it fit?: I purchased a size to large
Review comment
I love this collar, since my dog is mostly black the red is perfect!
Recommendation: Buy it!
Nearly Perfect
Posted by on 11/29/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
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Product Options (Size-Color) : 12" - BLK
Breed of pet: Brussels Griffon
How did it fit?: Perfect
Review comment
I'm really satisfied with this purchase! The leather is a matte black and the Swarovski crystals really catch light! I have a male Griffon and I feel the collar isn't feminine at all. My ONLY gripe about the collar is that the all of the crystals aren't perfectly centered. You really need to take a close look to notice; but, that doesn't mean the flaw doesn't exist!
Recommendation: Buy it but see my review
Great collar
Posted by on 10/30/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
{X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : 10" in pink, red, and black
Breed of pet: chihuahua
How did it fit?: perfect light weight and width to fit a small body
Review comment
these wear extremely well, and i have never had a problem with the stones...they look as beautiful 2 years after getting them as when purchased...only better since they are a little more supple after wear. great price!
Recommendation: Buy it!
Beautiful and Quality
Posted by on 10/11/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
{X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : XS
Breed of pet: Chihuahua
How did it fit?: Exactly perfect for a teacup dog
Review comment
Love this collar, the size is perfect for a small 3lb chihuahua. Love the quality of the leather and crystals, very pretty and durable! Will be buying more! Thanks
Recommendation: Buy it!
Posted by on 07/03/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
{X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Product Options (Size-Color) : Pink 3/8 x 8
Breed of pet: Mexican Hairless
How did it fit?: Nicely
Review comment
Lovely collar especially for the small breeds. Leather and crystals high quality, well made all the way around. Buy with confidence.
Recommendation: Buy it!
Minnie-Maddie Collar in Black
Posted by on 02/26/13
Was this helpful? yes / no
{X} {X} {X} {X} {X}
Breed of pet: tiny toy schnauzer
How did it fit?: perfect
Review comment
Loved it! Fit was perfect, the width is narrow for a small neck, and the crystals really sparkle. Leather is of good quality. Very satisfied with this purchase.

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Minnie Maddie Dog Collar - 4 colors
Minnie Maddie Dog Collar - 4 colors

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