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Designer: Premier Pet |
Pogo Plush Beaver
Pogo Plush Beaver
Pogo Plush Beaver Pogo Plush Beaver Pogo Plush Beaver
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The patent-pending design in the Pogo Plush Beaver provides a unique bounce-back action that dogs prefer over traditional stuffed plush toys. Dogs love to "find" the free-floating squeaker in the beaver's belly!

Pogo Plush toys tend to last longer than traditional stuffed toys because of the durable outer material, bouncy inner frame, and lack of stuffing. Dogs can't just tear open the toy and throw stuffing everywhere. However, these are not chew toys. Watch how your dog plays with the toy the first time and inspect the toy regularly. If the toy becomes too damaged or the fabric becomes separated from the inner frame, throw away all pieces and replace the toy.

Pogo Plush Beaver

  • Plush animal toy with squeaker
  • No stuffing, no mess!
  • Inner bouncy frame has satisfying give
  • Free-floating squeaker
  • Sleek furry covering
  • Prices from $10.00 to $18.00
    Price: $10.00
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    Love it!!!
    Posted by on 12/29/13
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    Product Options (Size-Color) : Plush Beaver
    Breed of pet: Whoodle/canine
    Review comment
    I bought one of this type for three of my "kids" and they are all adorable, great!!! tnhry absolutely love them and they are really durable.
    Recommendation: Buy it!

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    Pogo Plush Beaver
    Pogo Plush Beaver

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