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SiliDog Silent Pet Tags

SiliDog Silent Pet Tag Logo

The SiliDog brand gained its inspiration from a rescue dog named Bentley in St. Augustine, Fla. Bentley was not in the greatest shape when he was rescued. Among other ailments, he had fleas and was continuously scratching. The persistent jingling of his pet tags through all hours of the day and night prompted Founder and CEO of SiliDog, Michael Lickstein, to create a silent pet tag — one that would silence the late-night noise from the scratching, collar-clinking, and water and food bowl clanking. In addition, the tags needed to be durable, comfortable, resilient, and attractive.

Thus emerged our first line of products, SiliDogTags: silent pet tags with a social impact that do not clink or clank when colliding with metal or plastic objects. Unlike current tags in the market, the color and engraving in SiliDogTags will never fade. Purchasing a SiliDogTag not only betters your life, but also the lives of others. With every sale, we give back to nonprofit organizations, such as the ASPCA and Susan G. Komen.

Don’t lose sleep — or your mind — over your pets’ tag jingling ever again! Get Sili and invest in a SiliDogTag; a small investment, for a lifetime of clink-free happiness with your best friend.

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