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The Dog Owners Guide to Finding Cheap Home Insurance

Being a dog owner is worth it, for all the troubles that it carries. You live a lot longer than people who don’t own pets, and you have a friend who would take a bullet for you, so really, the extra hassle when it comes to finding cheap home insurance rates is nothing if not worth it.

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The Health Benefits of Swimming for Dogs

Swimming is great exercise but it’s also low impact. When walking and running, a dog or a person must bear their body weight on their leg and foot joints. When swimming, the body is supported by the water and there is far less strain on any one part of the body. For that reason it’s ideal for injury rehabilitation and exercising older dogs.

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Why Valentine’s Day goes to the Dogs

According to a Reuters survey, as many as 20 percent of people from around the globe would rather stay home this Valentine’s Day — with their pets. What’s causing Valentine’s Day to go to the dogs, so to speak? Perhaps … Continue reading

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