Boxer DogThe Breed

The Boxer is a medium sized, strong but stylish dog, and an accomplished athlete.  His name comes from his peculiar habit of standing up on his hind legs to “box” his opponent, when hunting and detaining wild game.  Today’s Boxer is often found guarding home and property, a job for which his strength and agility make him well-suited.  Despite his fierceness in the field, this tough guy isn’t all muscle – the Boxer consistently weighs in as one of America’s top ten companion breeds, and is a notorious attention lover.

Boxer Dog Collars

For a large dog, the Boxer has a long, graceful neck that his owners love to decorate!  He can wear almost anything as long as it stands up to his lifestyle.  An outdoor boxer should wear a synthetic or leather collar, while a less active dog would do well in sturdy fabric or even a decorative collar for a special occasion. The breed’s average neck size is 16” – 22”.  Check out the Beaded Collars, Casual Chic, and Outdoor Collars sections for Boxer collar ideas.

At a Glance

  • Working Group
  • Ranging in size from 21 ½ inches to 25 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Hunter, guard and companion dog.

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