Yorkshire Terrier

YorkieThe Breed

The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as a “Yorkie,” is the most popular toy dog in America. As the AKC puts it, these dogs “offer big personalities in a small package.” Unlike some other toy breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier is curious and outgoing, as it was originally bred to work in textile mills as a rat-killer.  Today’s Yorkies live a much posher lifestyle, and are adored as America’s “portable dog.”

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Collars

Small dogs like the Yorkie make collaring fun and versatile.  Yorkshire Terriers are comfortable in thin, light collars, and their indoor lifestyle means decorated collars and fine fabrics are a great choice for these beautiful dogs.  The breed’s average neck size is 8” – 12”. See our Fun & Fancy, Small/Puppy Collars, and Haute Couture categories for Yorkie fashions from too cute to tres chic.

At a Glance

  • Toy Group; Terrier
  • Ranging in size from four to seven pounds.
  • Companion, ratter.

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  1. It’s nice to learn that thin and light collars are well suited for a Yorkshire Terrier since they’re a small dog and wouldn’t do much force. Additionally, you can even give them decorative ones. That’s perfect to learn since I’ve really wanted to have a decorative dog. I’ll be sure to purchase some Yorkies that I’ve found for sale later. Thanks!

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