Get Your Dirty Paws Off My New Car Seats, Please

Dog inside of a car

The issue of restraining pets in cars sometimes can fluster passionate pet parents. Yet, only 17 percent of drivers restrain their pets, according to AAA. In addition to being less safe, unrestrained pets often make messes in cars, either with their dirty paws or from accidents. Most pet-advocacy organizations agree that pets and their guardians need to be “trained to restrain.”


Paws to Click warns that a 60-pound dog traveling at 35 mph could be the equivalent of a 2,700-pound projectile in a crash. Tether your pet using a wearable harness. The Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness is recommended, which has an adjustable safety tether that can attach to the car’s seatbelt, as well as a padded chest plate for extra safety. It comes in sizes from small (for pets under 25 pounds) through extra large (for pets weighing more than 80 pounds). suggest you don’t let your pet ride with his head outside the window, no matter how much he seems to enjoy it. He could be injured by objects that come too close to the car.

Pet-Friendly Cars

Browse Hondas at Jean Knows Cars or other car review sites. The Honda CR-V and other models will accommodate products purchased separately specifically designed to keep pets comfortable and cars clean. The CR-V has 37 cubic feet of cargo space, enough to keep a kennel or a tethered dog. says the FJ Cruiser has rugged rubber flooring that allows for easy cleanup of spills, drool and dirt and has been lauded for its generous cargo space and swing-out back door. The Jeep Liberty SUV has a truly flat surface for pets’ comfort and is available with a moon roof so they can enjoy the sky and an overhead breeze, according to

A Partition

To enhance traveling, there are a number of truly useful products to help with transporting pets. A pet partition separates the compartment where you place your pet in the car from the rest of the vehicle’s interior. Custom canine covers in a variety of styles especially tailored to the dimensions of your vehicle stop pet hair and can prevent claw marks and accidents from ruining your vehicle’s interior. They can cover just the bench of the back seat or be more of a hammock and extend to the back of the front seat to prevent pets from falling to the floor. A vehicle door protector that almost completely covers the inside of the doors prevents animals from damaging doors with their claws. A pet tent gives a dog or cat an enclosed den to enjoy in the back of an SUV. And consider installing a dog hitch step that attaches to the back of your SUV or bringing along a folding pet ramp. It helps your four-legged friend get in and out of your vehicle with ease, according to

A car model that’s optimal for you and your pet and unique products that protect both your pet and your vehicle create a recipe for years of enjoyable road travel for the whole family.

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