Ten Tips for Going Green With Your Dog

Shame My HumanBeing shown how to recycle by your pup may well be something to be ashamed of, but perhaps not if you consider the many enjoyable activities you can do with your dog while trying to reduce you and your pet’s carbon footprint. Let’s explore ways to “go green” that benefit not only the health of the Earth but the health of your pet as well.

10 ways you can go green with your dog:

  1. Giving your dog biodegradable or recycled toys with which to play. Old towels, sheets, clothes and shoes make great chew toys for growing puppies. Tie several rags together and have a tug-fest with an older dog or make a rag ball and go outside for a fun afternoon of playing fetch with your favorite pal.
  2. Embrace your green side by ditching the plastic bags and scooping your dog’s poop into biodegradable poop sacks that can be buried in your garden or compost pile. They also contribute to keeping sewage systems clean and free of bacteria.
  3. All dog owners have had aggravating encounters with flea circuses deciding to put on a show using your dog’s body. Go green when fighting these high-wire pests by using organic shampoos instead of pesticides. An example of a homemade flea treatment involves mixing essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint with warm water, white vinegar and citronella oil.
  4. Make your own dog food instead of buying food that often contains hormones and antibiotics. Search for tasty recipes on the Internet or purchase a grinder and give your dog fresh chicken, turkey and beef instead of packaged food.
  5. Most dogs love to play in water but those streams and rivers that attract him like a magnet may contain chemically-laced run-off from farms and treatment plants. Go green with your dog by investing in an appropriately-sized swimming pool and letting him practice his dog-paddling in your backyard.
  6. Before treating your lawn this spring and summer, go green with alternative methods that can naturally stimulate your lawn’s growth. Use oganic fertilizer made with fish, bone and kelp meal and organic pesticides containing dishwashing soap and canola oil.
  7. Make homemade dog treats that are free of preservatives, artificial flavors and additives. Dogs love chewy, natural treats made from honey, yogurt, dried fruits and peanut butter.
  8. Bathtime for some dogs is an experience more frightening than having a nightmare about the neighbor’s Doberman getting loose. You can soothe your pet’s fears and go green at the same time by using a dry dog shampoo that cleans his coat without using soap and water. Warm some oatmeal or bran in your oven, rub the grains into the dog’s coat using a soft towel and then brush the dog afterwards with his favorite brush.
  9. Use cleaning solutions powered by enzymes instead of chemicals to clean up pet accidents.
  10. Don’t forget about your local animal shelter. Instead of throwing away old pet toys or bedding, clean them with bleach and water and donate the items to the shelter.

Do you have ideas of how you and your pet could make the earth a better place? Be creative and start today! It would be a real shame if Earth Day was the only day of the year we did anything about it!

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