Labrador Retriever may have some competition! – Top Breeds 2016

As we know the Labrador Retriever has far been the most popular breed for American families for over 25 years. Making it the longest reigning breed of any kind. However, the French Bulldog is poised to take over. The playful breed has won the hearts of dog lovers everywhere jumping up the charts year over year. Nearly 32 spots in the last 10 years alone and shows no sign of slowing.

French bulldogs are certainly in the lime light. And why not?

These little balls of fur and sass are usually polite with everyone, including other pets. A Frenchie can go from champion couch potatoe and cuddles to tearing around the house, destroying everything in sight, in a split second. Lucky for you they slow down just as quickly as the speed up!

The French Bulldog is stubborn and can be a lot of work to train, but also has a surprisingly sensitive side that remembers who and what they were taught. They are food motivated and do not need much exercise.

The French bulldog is a great companion dog through and through. They command all of your attention, all of the time. They don’t bark much but they snort, snuffle, and have flatulence that goes with the territory of short-faced breeds.

The Frenchie is on the uprise and will likely give the Labrador retriever a run for their money in the very near years to come!

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