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Lassie Jon Provost 1961

The perfect TV family isn’t complete without a lovable canine companion. Dogs have a rich tradition in television, whether they’re saving children from rivers or sleeping on top of their houses. One of the great characters in television history tops our list, and the rest have had (or are having) long tenures on their respective shows. Featuring a heroic collie, a lovable golden retriever and even a talking lab, here are the five best dogs in the history of TV. 

Lassie- “Lassie”  

It’s hard to imagine any dog will ever reach Lassie’s level of stardom. The female collie starred as the title character in a series for 19 seasons. When she wasn’t saving Timmy from whatever troubled he’d gotten himself into, Lassie enjoyed time on the farm with her loving family. Now, Lassie is a fixture of American culture. Any situation in which an animal saves a human from harm instantly draws comparisons to this notorious hero. Little Timmy may be all grown up, but Lassie’s legacy as the most beloved dog of all time lives on. Check sites like for listings for “Lassie” reruns. Dreamworks announced it’s making a new Lassie movie, so you’ll want to catch up on all of the loyal dog’s adventures.

Eddie- “Frasier” 

Kelsey Grammar rose to stardom as a radio talk show host on “Frasier,” but another character got his first big break. Moose the dog portrayed Eddie, the prominently featured Jack Russell Terrier who lives with Frasier’s father. In one episode, viewers get a glimpse of life from Eddie’s perspective while the other characters discuss how many words he can understand. Moose made such an impression on “Frasier” that he earned a spot on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. reported that Moose received more fanmail than any of his TV counterparts.

Comet- “Full House” 

Just about anyone who wandered in was welcome in the Tanner household, so it’s no wonder Comet found a home on prominent family sit-com “Full House.” Comet joined the Tanners in season 3 and he had a natural sense of humor. When Stephanie Tanner asks what he thinks of her goofy glasses, Comet looked in the other direction like a true pro. The Tanners even threw comet a surprise birthday party with his four-legged friends. The dog who played Comet may be best known for his role as Buddy in the “Air Bud” series.

Snoopy- “Charlie Brown” 

After his inception on the “Peanuts” comic strip, Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy rose to fame in the popular Charlie Brown TV specials, including “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” Snoopy spent most of his time on top of his dog house, even through heavy rain and snow. Snoopy was an important member of the Peanuts gang, and he became perhaps the most remembered.

Brian Griffin- “Family Guy”

Technically, Brian Griffin is a Labrador Retriever, but he talks, walks on his hind legs and drives a Toyota Prius on “Family Guy.” Maybe that’s why he’s such a popular character. Fans get a chance to imagine their dogs with human qualities. “Family Guy” is going on its 12th season and Brian is only getting smarter.

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  1. admin says:

    Hi Debi:

    Pseudo dogs aside, there are many, many more TV dogs we didn’t mention. I think we should give everyone a chance to choose their favorites. Rin Tin Tin and Bullet are great examples… and perhaps have another category of animated dogs, where I would think Underdog should be included.

  2. Debi says:

    You could have at least chosen all real dogs. What about Rin Tin Tin and Bullet or the hundreds of other live dogs seen on TV shows. Sorry, while I loved the story of Lassie, Eddie and Comet I still felt cheated when you threw in imitation imaginary pseudo dogs..

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