8 Row Large Swarovski® Crystal Dog Collar is a Show Stopper

Dog Collar Boutique has another hidden gem made by Diamond Dogs® from Great Britain, and it’s a beauty! It is created with 8 rows of studded Swarovski® Crystals, each individually affixed to premium quality English bridle leather, backed with a soft Italian hide to provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

For over 30 years the work of the Diamond Dogs® designers and master craftsmen have graced the pages of fashion magazines. They have an extensive knowledge of dogs from the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest Mastiff (sizes for this collar range from 16″ – 26″). This collar sparkles just like your favorite diamond ring. Everyone will notice you, your ring and your dog’s bling.

This is celebrity-grade bling! You can’t help but appreciate the detail of  this 2″ width collar. It  is simply magnificent! Hundreds of large Swarovski® Crystals create this outstanding accessory. It is the perfect contrast of clear crystal on black leather. Sizes available are M, L & XL. All products are normally shipped within 28 days of receipt of order, but is well worth the wait. Prices range from $460 – $560.

Handmade overseas of top quality materials makes this collar hard to resist. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it or your dog—nor will anyone else.

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One Response to 8 Row Large Swarovski® Crystal Dog Collar is a Show Stopper

  1. Jake says:

    Very Awesome!

    I purchased one for my mastiff Tebow and he loves it. It looks great on him and he doesn’t mess with it at all.

    However, not all dogs are as obedient and might require some training for them to leave this collar alone. If you need some help getting your dog to stop messing with this collar, especially if you are training a mastiff, you can visit my personal page below.

    Learn Mastiff Training Tips.

    Have a good day!

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