Road Kill can be Fun! Introducing Furry, Flattened Friends for your Dog

Road Kill Squirrel

Poor Rocky...

Dogs like dead things.  As disgusting as that might sound, we all know a pooch never turns down an opportunity to roll around in something stinky — preferably something dead and stinky.  Lose the stink and the mess with our new Road Kill Toys!

Give Fido some good clean fun in his choice of dead Otter, flattened Squirrel, or for the big guys, a plushy, squishy Wolf. The idea behind the toys may be tasteless, but your dog doesn’t care.  He just wants to chew on something!  And his friends will think his new toy is incredibly stylish.

These Road Kill Toys are floppy and fuzzy, will look adorable and hilarious in your dog’s jowls, and can withstand even the feistiest chewers and manglers.  Made with patented “Chew Guard” technology, reinforced seams, and able to withstand 66 lbs of pulling, you can turn Fido loose on these varmints and even enjoy a lively tug-o-war with an unsuspecting otter or other hapless forest creature as the unlikely rope.

Road Kill Toys make a long-lasting and fun addition to your dog’s toy chest, or a hilarious gift for a dog-owning friend with a sense of humor.  Or maybe even better, the perfect gift for the most prudish, wet-blanket dog owner you know!  Road Kill Toy, $24.  The look on your friend’s face…priceless.

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