Night Visibility: A Summer Dog Safety Concern

Reflective Mesh Harness

Reflective Mesh Harness with Reflective Dot Lead

You wouldn’t go out for a nighttime stroll wearing black.  You wouldn’t ride your bike at night without reflectors or even a set of lights.  Why let your dog go invisible after dark?

Spring and summer mean warmer nights, and for many of us active dog owners, that means more time to get outside.  Taking longer walks on city streets, venturing into the woods for a hike, or just staying at the dog park until the sun goes down are all fun ways to spend those extra hours of daylight.  However, the only way to stay safe and fun in these situations is to make sure your dog is visible at all times.

Reflective Weave Collars

Nylon Reflective Weave Collars

For city dogs, a reflective harness or reflective collar coupled with a reflective leash is a good idea.  The collar helps you and motorists see the dog, and the leash gives both of you a long strand of added visibility.  In cities, where night lights are plentiful, the two (or three, or more) of you will be hard to miss with just a little bit of reflective material setting you off.  For areas where street lighting is poor, glow-in-the-dark or LED options are also available for your dog.  These enable you to see the dog even when no car headlights are approaching.

For country dogs, or just those of you who like to spend time out in nature, LED collars are a great option.  You can see them without any additional light, they will be visible even at dusk before all the sunlight is gone (you should really get out of the woods by then, or bed your dog down at camp!).  For dogs spending more time in the woods or on hikes, there are dog pannier packs trimmed with reflective materials.  The bright colors of the packs are especially important when hunters may be out.  With a doggy day pack and an LED collar, you’ll be ready for a safe adventure — Fido can carry his own supplies and remain visible to you day and night, by flashlight or around the campfire.

Argyle LED Collar

Argyle LED Collar

Finally, even if you keep your dog safe at night by keeping him off the streets and out of the bush, summer events like dog park outings and backyard barbeques can end with a lost dog or two, especially when dogs and people have been having fun and don’t notice daylight slipping away.  Reflective, glow-in-the-dark, or LED collars can keep your dog visible after hours, ensuring he won’t disappear off into the sunset.  Worst case scenario, if he wanders off, the lighted collar will make Fido visible to passers-by who can tell he’s a cared for dog (not a scary night wanderer!) and they can look for his tag and information.  With “high-visibility dogs,” everyone can safely collect their pup at the end of the day, and get some much needed rest for the next fun filled summer adventure.

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Dog w/Wander Pack

Reflective Wander Pack

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