The Benefits of Walking Your Dog + Giveaway

Dogs love walks, especially in spring when the weather has turned from frigid to comfortably warm. It’s this time a year that your dog is treated to new smells and fresh air. We welcome spring to all our visitors by offering you the chance to win our ultimate dog walking package, which includes everything you need to ensure comfortable walks all season long. Enter below, but first read up on the benefits of walking your dog (you may be surprised that the benefits aren’t just for your dog, but for you as well).

Regular Exercise and Potty Breaks

If you regularly walk your dog, you understand that it provides both of you exercise. It’s such a healthy activity and we encourage all of our friends with furbabies to walk their dogs once per day for at least 30 minutes. Most veterinarians agree that this activity should exist separate from bathroom breaks to encourage exercise and exploration.

That being said, dog walking encourages your dog to evacuate outside. So, it’s important to participate in short potty walks too. If you’re struggling to potty train, regularly walking your dog gives you the opportunity to reward him when he evacuates outdoors. Give a treat each time he goes to reward him for this good behavior and you’ll soon come to find he only goes outdoors and never inside.

Manage Your Stress and Connect with Nature

According to Psychology Today, dog walking isn’t just good for your dog it’s also good for you. Besides exercise, dog walking provides you with therapy because it helps to balance your stress and connects you to nature.

“Research has shown that being around a dog can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and dampen other physiological stress responses. The effect is so strong that service dogs are sometimes used to help war veterans manage PTSD.”

Physical activity is also a great remedy for stress, so you’re doing double duty by spending time with your dog and taking long walks. Nature also plays a role in your happiness, as studies have shown that a connection to nature can increase your sense of well-being. Take your dog for walks in parks and on trails to really get away from the bustle of the city and attune with nature’s beauty.

Dog Walking Tips

Before loading your dog into the car and heading out to a state park or nature reserve, double check that the location allows dogs on the premises. Not all do. Local parks may have ordinances against dogs too. It would be disappointing to be ticketed or turned away when you arrive.

Once you’ve chosen a place that is natural and encourages dog walking, you’re most of the way ready for your walk. You need a few supplies, such as a collar, leash, and fresh water for your dog to drink. We’ve included all of those goodies and more in our giveaway, which is located at the bottom of this post. Walk your dog for at least thirty minutes, and make sure to bring a plastic bag or scoop to clean up his refuse.

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