Our Favorite 3 Dog Collars designed by Auburn Leathercrafters

Auburn Leathercrafters

At Auburn Leathercrafters, they are dedicated to supplying retail pet shops such as Dog Collar Boutique with the highest quality leather pet products that are sure to last for years. You will appreciate the quality craftsmanship of their handcrafted products, using the finest full grain leathers and materials. All their products are proudly made in the USA. Their theory is to believe their customers must be given the best possible service and the best quality products. Most importantly to them, is their business ethics and conduct must be beyond reproach and consistent with their faith.

With that in mind they have created an outstanding pet collar company that has extended to some very luxurious and functional products that meet fashion and functional needs of all sizes of the canine species.

Some of their best selling products that exceed industry standards are:


Round Rolled Leather Dog Collar

The Rolled or commonly described as Round Leather Dog Collar is a classic and very comfortable collar for your pet! Round Leather Collars range in sizes for Toy Breeds through Large Breeds. Toy Breed and Small and Medium Dog sizes (1/2, 5/8, and 1 inch sizes) are constructed with a buckle-end style while Large Dog sizes (1-1/4 inch sizes) are made in the extended d-end pattern for extra strength. All of their round leather dog collars have beveled and hand polished edges for comfort.

Their Rolled Dog Collar is available in Tan, Red, Black, Burgundy, Pink, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Orange!

Assembly is completed with a bright nickel-plated buckle with dee ring and smooth capped rivets making this a collar that wears well year after year after year. The leather dog collars are a favorite of Dachshund owners because of their smooth interior edges, but any dog with long fur, say a Border Collie or Spaniel, or with a short, smooth coat, a Greyhound or Rottweiler, for example will also benefit from a Round Leather Collar.

A favorite dog collar with groomers because they don’t mat the fur or cause “winging” around the collar.


Tuscany Italian Leather Dog Collar

From the first day you use this fine Italian leather collar, it will be soft yet durable. It is made with Acqua, leather originally developed for the marine industry, these collars are resistant to stains, spills, mildew and bacteria.

The exterior of the Tuscany Collar is beautiful Italian leather. The interior is soft, flexible and durable domestic leather assuring that this collar will remain beautiful for years of use.
Available in sizes from 8″ through 26″ in a wide array of colors. It is assembled with bright nickel hardware and beautiful fine edge stitching for a stylish look. As with all of Auburn Leather’s beautiful collars they make a matching Tuscany Italian Leather Leash that is soft and supple in your hand.

As if this is not enough! They have further extended this line to include optional Swarovski Crystals and deemed it the Tuscany Collar – Crystallized.

Colors include: Light Blue, Yellow, Brown, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue, Red, Black, and White

Sparky’s Choice Adjustable Collars

Sparky's Choice Water Proof Dog Collar with Quick Release Buckle

That’s right! Although Auburn Leathercrafters is primarily a leather company, they came up with this amazing outdoor dog collar that is odor proof, waterproof, cleans with a little soap and water, and has lots of colors to choose from. This is a great dog collar for active dogs, especially those who love water.

These are made of durable vinyl coated webbing that is a wonderful improvement over standard nylon. They are available in sizes to fit medium to large dog breeds in the range of retrievers to boxers to basset hounds, for example. They stays flexible even in sub-zero temperatures and are of a colorful, strong, waterproof and odor-proof vinyl like material that makes this dog collar easy to clean. And, unlike standard nylon, the edges will not fray!

These collars easily adjust to the correct size by repositioning the 2-part post/screw set. Fitted with a highly polished, extraordinarily strong, aluminum alloy side release buckle, solid welded steel dee ring and smooth capped rivets.

You can even personalize the collar by having the dog’s name and/or owner’s phone number engraved in the buckle by your local engraving shop.

Dog Collar Boutique also loves to see when a company has a guarantee and stands behind the products and services it offers to its customers. At Auburn Leathercrafters, They guarantee their products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. This company has proven that they are a leader in the industry and we look forward to continuing our over a decade relationship with this great manufacturer of high quality leather and now nylon designer dog collars.

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  1. Feedfond says:

    Great article. Your favourite 3 dog collars designed by Auburn Leathercrafters are just awesome. Each collar has its unique design. TUSCANY ITALIAN LEATHER DOG COLLAR has a unique design that especially intrigued me. They are simple yet fashionable. I think the collar going to be comfortable for any dog breed. After going through your blog, I discovered Auburn Leathercrafters and their services. They have impressed me so far and hope they make cooler dog products. Thanks for the review. Cheers!

  2. Sharon Jones says:

    Wow Really very informatic article for the dog collar, I really like your design, I have a pet and recently I was purchased one designer dog collars through online Posh Puppy Boutique and that was awesome and available with a good price and unique design.

  3. Jijon says:

    Really impressive designs Auburn Leathercrafters. I am impressed. I am also a passionate dog collars blogger. We need to choose best dog collars for our beloved pet to make them more comfortable and friendly forever. They done a lots of thing to make us safe and flexible, so need to do something for our beloved friends.

  4. Sharon Jones says:

    yeah, very nice design dog collars,I love this collar, really very nice article,i read so much time and follow this type of pets site,next time I ‘ll surely purchase this type of collar for my lovely pet Danny, because of recently I purchased one designer dog collars for my pet online from Posh Puppy Boutique,and one more this friends this store also very good store for designer pet accessories,Really I love this site

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