Weekly Collar Giveaways at Dog Collar Boutique

Sophie Harness in Burberry Pattern

One of many $50 styles!

Starting this week, DogCollarBoutique.com is giving away a $50 gift certificate every week!  Apply it toward your favorite haute couture collar or buy a bundle of doggy basics!  You can even use it toward shipping.

This week’s contest is a Facebook photo event — post a cute pic of your pooch on our Facebook fan page wall and your fellow fans will choose the winner with “likes” and comments.  Get your friends to fan us so they can vote too, and stack the odds that your fuzzy (or hairless…) guy walks away with the prize!

We’ll also be mixing it up with other types of contests — trivia questions, dog “favorites” lists, you name it.  We’ll run these by picking a winner at random from the first ten respondents.  We’ll also do other fan-based wins for contests like doggy drawings and funny dog stories, so make sure you get those friends on there to vote for you!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the lastest updates on weekly contests.  We’ll post weekly winners there, and do an archive of winners on the blog once a month.

“Bone” chance!

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3 Responses to Weekly Collar Giveaways at Dog Collar Boutique

  1. admin says:

    A lighted collar is an excellent idea. We will look for one. Thanks!

  2. Marla says:

    It is too hot here in Louisiana to walk my dogs during the day, It is 92 today with the heat index of 100. I walk my dogs after the sun goes down and early in the morning when it isn’t so hot. I would love to have a leash that lights up so we could be seen by cars in our neighborhood. A flashlight is a pain to carry along with 2 leashes.

  3. dog says:

    Keep it up, bookmarked and referred a few friends.

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