Quiet Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Bark

Owning a small dog certainly has its advantages, but there’s one thing that can drive some owners insane — their barking! We all know that the larger the dog, the deeper the bark, but what’s maddening about some small breeds is their high-pitched neverending yap.

If you were wondering whether there are small dog breeds that don’t have this problem, the answer is — yes. Here we’ll present you a list of quiet small dogs that would make perfect silent companions.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A regal name for a regal dog! These pooches are a little over 14 inches tall and have their place among sporting and toy breeds. That means that besides being beautiful and cuddly, they are also very playful and active dogs. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are friendly and get along well with other dogs and cats. They’re a fairly intelligent breed that can be easily trained because of their willingness to please.

French Bulldog

These dogs are pretty popular among apartment owners because they don’t bark much and are easily adaptable. French bulldogs make perfect companions for those who aren’t very active since they themselves require little exercise. It’s good to know, however, that they are pretty sensitive: their thin coat isn’t enough to make them warm during winter, and they have to be cooled in the summer because they’re prone to heat strokes. Despite that, they are incredibly lovable and fun dogs to have.


The most interesting characteristic of Basenji is that it doesn’t bark. Literally. It can produce its own type of sound, but we won’t get any annoying barking from it. Basenji is a descendant of African dogs and therefore has somewhat exotic looks: beautiful bright reddish coat, wrinkly forehead, and highly intelligent eyes. They’re a joy to own because of their energetic nature and natural cleanliness.

Shiba Inu

Like some other dogs, Shiba Inu is native to Japan. Barking isn’t something Shiba Inu frequently does — it has its own interesting scream. This dog is very small and agile, easy to maintain and train, and although naturally reserved, it can be aggressive towards other dogs. Despite this, it’s a loyal and affectionate dog.

Japanese Chin

These noble Japanese dogs are very small and weigh only 9 pounds. Even though they’re usually very quiet, they have an interesting singing ability. Japanese Chins are very loyal, independent and easy to maintain. Besides all this, they’re highly intelligent and therefore a delight to train.


These dogs are good for indoor as well as outdoor activities. They can be very playful and energetic for a while and after that sleep for hours. The Pekingese adapt well to their owners but are very distrustful towards strangers, so we suggest being cautious when approaching them.

In conclusion

Choosing a dog should be a rational decision. That means that we should make a choice compatible with our lifestyle. So if we have a large yard and lead an active life, there are plenty of large dog breeds to choose from. On the other hand, if we live in an apartment and just want a quiet, loyal companion, one of these dogs will definitely make us more than happy!

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